The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012

hola familia,
So this week was a pretty good week. So it was extremely hot all week. Way way humid and just killer. And then all of the sudden on Friday it just downpoured with rain and its been kinda colder ever since then. Cloudy and less humid so its felt kinda nice but it'll probably get hot again soon. So last week we had our capacitation on Tuesday with all the trainers and new missionaries and district leaders and zone leaders. It was really good like always. We also had our zone conference on thursday which was really good too. But in both president has been focusing a lot on the why of the things in the gospel instead of the what. The what informs, the why transforms. We have been doing a lot of practices where we basically have to figure out the investigators needs and help them by asking inspired questions. And those questions cant be answered by yes or no. If it can then its a lazy non inspired questions. For example: instead of did you read the book of mormon yesterday? We ask what touched your heart yesterday as you read the book of mormon? Its really sweet and helps a ton. Some other stuff I thought was interesting that president said was that he has never given a talk that he has prepared. He like prepares a talk and what to say and then doesn't use it. Every zone conference and stuff we have he basically just stands up and teaches by the spirit. That's pretty awesome. He has so much faith. The zone conference was way way spiritual. Something I liked that president said was that in the greatest sacrifice in the history of the world, made by Jesus Christ, the thing that came to his mind that gave him the strength and motivation to continue in so much pain and not give up was you (us). It was way way spiritual and then we all kneeled and president offered a way sweet and spirit filled prayer. It was sweet. He also said that the whole church is changing how we teach. missionaries, teachers, etc. changing from teaching by trying to put everything in the learners head that we want them to know but rather inviting the spirit and the spirit teaches the learner exactly what they need to know. Its a rather simple, complex idea and can be kinda hard sometimes. The difference it makes is awesome though. It was also great to hang out with elder walker and elder whitzit for like the whole day. And me and elder whitzit talked to a black guy from south africa and stuff. So its sweet becoming better friends with him. A couple times last week we didnt have power or water so that's always fun haha. We did divisions on Friday too and I went with elder o´handley in his area which was good. He just barely finished a year in the mission and is from vegas. He really struggles with spanish but its always good being with a greengo after a while haha. Also in the capacitacion on tuesday I met a kid that went to timp that was actually friends with ali my senior year. We knew who each other were but that's all. Its jordan khutel (dont know how to spell the last name). Austin knows who he is I think but yeah kinda funny hes here in my mission. And the other day I read the letters from the Terrys hahaha and realized they were written like 8 months ago haha good work mom ;) but it was great hearing from them.. A long time ago haha. Also it was funny and cool yesterday we had a lady come up to us in church and tell us that she always sees us on the street walking and just thinks "oh my there goes my angels" haha it was way nice of her to complement us so but its funny she was just telling us for like 10 minutes that we are the lords angels. So we are working on getting new investigators right now since we don't have too many progressing but we have one girl named alma who's 9 who we are trying to get the permission from the mom to baptize her so we will see how that goes.

Teaching Sunday school went good. I taught about the temple and stuff so it was really good. I love the temple! Today we went into capital and bought some stuff haha I bought a boca jersey and haha you have to tell Austin this one. I bought a derrick rose bulls jersey for about $10 haha its pretty sweet. Yes it would be great if you could send me 2 pairs of pants. Have Austin try them on first though. Don't forget to wrap some stuff in my Christmas package too :) thanks mom your the best! wow crazy about all the mission calls. I don't have dates for Steve, Trennon, and Kyle. For Jacobs and Austins calls can you do a video? That would be way cool. but yeah I heard landons last week. Way way cool. I sent something to Austin to tell him. oh don't worry I definitely have cavities.. Its not fun. But I don't want you to have to pay for me to go to the dentist here. I heard its expensive. And no we don't have bikes here. And yes my toe was better a couple weeks ago so that's good. Wow sounds like you are and are going to be booked with schooling stuff for the next bit but winter break should be nice. Its weird to think you guys are in winter. I feel like your summer went so fast cause I'm just getting to summer and so I feel like its summer there too. Its a weird feeling since we pretty much skipped a summer coming from Utah to Argentina. You sold my transformer?????? really??? dangit ill miss him... :( haha but if thats whats best then thats okay. I hope cassidee is alright though. But I'm glad you saved my sub. haha I will definitely still need that. I'm glad Austin is done with his stuff for his eagle too that's way awesome. Hopefully you can have the court of honor soon. Yeah I heard about obama.... really dumb but oh well I guess. Its what the lord wanted for us right now so we will be fine. But yeah so I guess that's it for this week. les amo mucho! la iglesia es verdadera!

Love, Elder Buxton

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