The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 19, 2012

hola familia,
Okay so this week is going to be really weird. So today we are basically skipping p day. We have a few hours to email and buy our food for the week and then we work the whole day like its a normal day. Then tomorrow apparently there are going to be a bunch of like strikes and a bunch of political junk so we have to stay in the pention the whole day.. we cant leave for anything. The government here is really messed up cause of the president. Its a girl named christina and she has been president for like 10 years or something like that I dont remember. But there are always dumb little things like all the kids in a certain school dont have school one day cause all the teachers arent getting paid good so they go and strike and dont show up. Weird stuff like that. So yeah tomorrow will be interesting. We are going to have lunch with versalles (elder lemo and elder ohandley) today so thatll be good. And then I think they are actually coming to sleep over tonight and spend the day with us in the pention or else its going to be a really boring day.. its starting to get really hot today so tomorrow will probably be way killer with humidity and we just might die haha k not really but our pention is really like a sauna. But I guess we will see haha so yeah. Last week was a pretty good week. We actually talked to a friend of a 13 year old recent convert who came to church yesterday and is like way excited and everything. We have talked to his parents a little bit and they are excited too. So we are going to really start teaching him (diego) and his mom. We have an appointment with them tonight and we are going to for sure put a baptismal date with diego so thatll be good. Other than that we are really looking for investigators right now. We kinda dropped the few we had before so we are finding more right now. Last wednesday we did divisions with the zone leaders and elder mower from idaho came and was with me in tonelero. It was rough at first cause I dont know the area that well but it turned out pretty good. And thats actually the day we met diego. We had a good long like get to know you talk with the bishop so that was really good too and helped strengthen our relationship with him. Also this last week we have been doing quite a bit of just little things for members as service which is really good. One thing is that all the kids here in argentina have an english class in their school and so its great helping a lot of them with their homework and stuff. On saturday and sunday I met a family for the first time here and they are way cool. They fed us lunch and everything and I helped the 17 year old daughter whos finishing high school with her english homework and she was very greatful for that so I'm glad I could help. Something I really thought about and liked this week was a quote thats on a mormon message thats from shakespeare that says "those who do not show their love, do not love." I liked that a lot cause its really true in like relationships and with family members and also with our heavenly father. We can say we love him or them all we want but if we dont give them our time or make sacrifices for them then we probabaly dont love them as much as we say we do. Thats really important in the mission here. If we really love our heavenly father and the people then we are going to make sacrifices for them and give them all of our time. Thats critical as a missionary. So besides that yesterday I got kissed on the cheek by a drunk guy yesterday which is always fun haha and also I realized I lost my mp3 player... I havent ever taken it out here in tonelero and I went to do that the other day and its not there and its no where.. so yeah kinda stinks. And also grandma naylor HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you!!! have an awesome day!! and also to everyone HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! :) 

yeah I'm hoping we can all really reflect on what we are greatful for this week. Its always a great opportunity to do that. Wow sounds like thanksgiving should be pretty fun then. When are they coming up and when is ashlee and matt leaving? haha yes mom I agree you do your job in the young womens just too well! :) haha you are called there for a reason. And yeah thats the right jordan. kinda cool I guess. And yes brinnly told me about trennons call. Hes going to washington and leaves in february. I just dont know what date. Wow I'm way glad austin is really progressing with his papers and his interviews. I'm excited to see where he gets called! I dont know if I  asked last week but can you send me a new soccer ball? Not in my christmas package unless there is room but yeah that'd be great! wow are you serious?? mitch is in jail? Thats so crazy and sad... yeah I don't know why he would do that but yeah wow... I'm kinda shocked. mitch is a way cool kid on campouts and everything. But just wow. Lots and lots of mission calls haha pretty nuts. I actually looked at a map yesterday and Landon and Georgia aren't going to be that far away from each other haha. Well I guess that's it for this week. Les amo mucho y siempre estoy orando mucho por todos ustedes entonces no se preocupen. todo va a estar bien :)

Love Elder Buxton

ps the pictures are with our friend jared. he lives in the area of elder whitsit but he and his family work in our area all the time and so we are way tight with him. And also his girlfriend is one of our recent converts so yeah. He reminds me so much of me haha

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