The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012

hola familia,
So this week has been really crazy, different, and good all at the same time. so let me just start off by saying that capitol is freakin sick!!! I honestly feel like I'm in like new york city. Its huge and tons of people and stores and everything everywhere! plus like 80% of the people are white! haha but yeah so me and elder martinez are really good friends already so that helps a ton cause we have a lot of fun and work hard. We had a baptism yesterday which was a 9 year old kid from the villa whos a capo! okay I gotta explain the villa. so a villa here in argentina is basically the poorest poorest parts of argentina. They seriously live in like nothing.. but there are a lot of humble and nice people there and we have kids with baptismal dates there so this last week we have gone everyday. We have to take colectivos and walk like 30-60 to get there and then again to walk back but its worth it for the baptisms. And we also walk through places where everyone sets up their little booths/stores and sells a ton a ton of stuff. Lots of things way way cheap. I can probably buy almost any type of soccer jersey or jacket I want for between probably $20-$50. Dont worry I'm gonna stock up :) but yeah the thing about that villa is that its way poor so its a lot more dangerous. we have to take off watches and rings and stuff and hide the phone in our sock before we go in but thats okay. We never stay later than 7 at night so we will be just fine. We went there yesterday morning and brought 7 investigators and some less active members to church. a bunch of kids on the bus oh man it was pretty crazy but so worth it. The members that ive met so far are pretty cool so I'm excited to meet and get to know the rest of them. but yeah I'm stoked to go play soccer today with some people in our zone (including elder mcnabb, and elder milaugh- who is our district leader and hes from layton and way good at spanish and hes freakin funny and way tight) but we are playing in some sick indoor court so thatll be fun. I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff cause theres a lot to tell but thats okay. you can all hear in a year and 4 months ;) also our pention is way better than the one I had in tortuguitas which is so nice! It's not cold at night and not cold during studys either and instead of 30 seconds of semi warm water for a shower we have unlimited hot water which is just great! :) haha and I really love that my companion doesnt know hardly any english cause it helps me so much! okay okay umm also brad and toni and terrys thank you so much for the package!!! I love you guys!! :) and megan happy birthday last week! and kyler happy birthday today! oh yeah and also our mission hasnt recieved very many references from the temple so far so president gave every companionship 1000 more invitations on thursday that we had to pass out by sunday. It was nuts. We passed out like 750 of them. Just giving them to people on the streets and stuff. So many! but yeah so is tim in the mtc yet or what? and also I read a scripture a couple weeks ago that I thought you would like. its D&C 98:23-26. re bueno!` yeah my companion will complete one year in the mish this month. Whoever has more time in the mission is the senior companion. Being senior companion and junior companion are really different cause with being senior you have more responsibilities. I might get made senior companion one of these next transfers so i guess we will see. Like the senior companion leads more of the discussions kinda and has the phone and stuff but yeah. And yes I did get your package with the all the pictures and stuff. Thank you! un montonaso de fotos!! also with the temple open house us as missionaries get to go one time if we bring an investigator so we will get to go pretty soon. It'll be awesome!

haha okay ignore the part about tim. I put that before I read that.thats so crazy hes in the mtc already though! And also mom dont get too nervous about school. Obviously thats easier said than done but just know that heavenly father will never leave you. He is always on your right and your left to help you and bear you up. And also remember that the opposite of faith is fear. You already know all this cause your just the amazing mom that you are but I know heavenly father loves you so much and hes watching over you and protecting you every step of the way. I pray for you and for austin and cassidee and ashlee and matt and dad every single day. hey when does school start again for cass? hmm I think that is about it for now. My mind always races at a million miles per hour on p days. pero les amo muchisimo!!

Elder Buxton

also I still havent had time to write cassidee back yet but tell her that I love her very much and I am very proud of her and she really helps me to want to be better and that I am sorry for everything I ever did to her and cant wait to have an awesome little sister around when i get home! thank you!

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