The Guys!

The Guys!
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Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012

hola familia
okay so this week was freakin nuts! umm hmm where to begin. Okay so we have 2 investigator girls that live right next to the kid we baptised last week. They both had baptismal dates for the 26th cause cecilia whos 9 needed another church attendance but ana whos 13 has all hers. So we put it for them to get baptised together. But then earlier last week we talked to our zone leaders and our leaders here are always about baptising now. Like not waiting. Cause thats what we have been comanded to do and not to procrastinate the day of our repentance. And so we were like okay but then that day ana was having doubts about her baptism cause she doesnt know a ton right now so we were thinking that it would be impossible to get her baptised this weekend without her sister so we called president and asked him for permission to baptise them both yesterday. He is always at the temple open house helping and we told him we were coming that night (thursday) with them to the temple and so he said he wants to meet them and then he will decide based on what the spirit tells him. So we went to the temple which was way way awesome and beautiful! He met them both at the beginning and right after came to us and said yes elders. So then we still had to talk to them about it.So after the temple when we were in a canopy where you finish the tour we talked to ana and she said that after the temple she doesnt have any doubts about being baptised and she accepted the date to be baptised yesterday.We talked with cecilia and their mom and everything was good. It was awesome. Even just the temple open house changes peoples lives. In presidents letters he sometimes includes comments people have made about the temple. I wish I could tell you them all but I remember one of them was from an athiest. No idea how to spell that.. and after the temple he said he now has no doubt that their is a god. So sweet! So yeah we went with people in the ward to the temple in like private buses that some cheto hermano rented which was sweet and we got back at like 10:40 haha and okay I gotta explain this part. Okay so theirs 2 wards that use our building. We are at 9 and the other ward is at 9:30. us=palermo, the other=juncal. And just this last transfer when I got here they split juncals area so now theirs 4 missionaries in that ward which is elder mcnab, elder diaz who is brand new from miami, elder middaugh freakin capo from layton, and elder manjarres who was my first zone leader in argentina and who is dying this transfer. If you dont know what dying in the mission is then ask matt haha. So yeah they were in a meeting that night until we got back at 10:40 cause they had been working out their 4 baptisms they were gonna have yesterday. And then we were gonna have 2 and so we did them together and just planning them all out and getting clothes for everyone was so crazy all week! But its alright cause everything worked out just fine. Theirs a 20 year old girl in our ward that we've been working with alot and is way cool and always makes things for us and gives us things. She got to be really good friends with ana and her little sister luz with cecilia so they slept over with her saturday night which they loved and is helping them have more friends in the ward. So yeah I probably just left out a ton of stuff but oh well thats okay. And it doesnt look like my camera is working for pictures this week sorry. Also we found out a couple weeks ago actually that on september 8th, the day before the rededication, our whole mission and I think buenos aires south and west missions together all the missionaries are having like a conference with elder ballard, elder christoferson, and president eyring when they come down. Its like especially for us or something. so that will be sick and there could be a good chance I get to see shawn!! :) I hope I do! okay yeah um some other random stuff. In the pention we have a baday (buh-day) dont know how to spell that either, but I used that for the first time in my life the other week haha. Look it up if you dont know what it is. Here in capitol there are a lot of jews haha and so I thought that was kinda funny which their hats or little circle patch of carpet on their head haha. Oh and mom also I heard that elder isley went home..... apparently he was having back problems and they said that he has to have something done to it or something and after he recovers if he wants to come back out he can only go state side. I was so sad when I heard that... :( we were gonna be companions one day... also with the baptisms its been sweet that we've been having baptisms cause the last baptism here in palermo before last sunday was back in march. pretty crazy.. It was crazy with 6 baptisms yesterday but it was sweet, almost all of us were in white. oh also this sunday we have stake conference so thatll be cool! umm a couple sweet things I saw this week is here theres a freakin 4 story cinemark! Dont worry, no temptation ;) also I saw a hobo on the street the other day laying on his blankets by a building with his tv hooked up watching it!! haha it was so funny! haha he was watching cinderella story with hilary duff. Also if you get tims email I wanna read them too and see how hes doin in the mtc. And I really loved the article about learning from the war chapters in the book of mormon last week. Its sweet cause lots of people skip the war chapters cause they say they are boring. Theres so many lessons we can learn from them. okay umm I think thats all but its probabaly not haha.

Wait what do you mean with 2 extra hours? We leave the villa always by no later than 7 cause its really dangerous at night but we go back to the city and continue working there. Soccer was so sick last week at the court we play. We are playing again today in an hour so this time Iwill be sure to take pictures. It rained a ton this last week but when it rains here its more humid so its really hot.. Its so weird. Your ears and nose and hands are cold but your body is sweating. weird weird feeling. Also with the temple they are doing a youth cultural event thing at one of the soccer stadiums on september 8th as well. Some huge cultural activity with dances and all kinds of stuff. Not really sure what but its at one of the huge soccer staduims here so its gonna be big. I wish I could write more but ill explain things better and stuff when my head stops spinning. Thats awesome about jacob and austins callings. That will help them a ton! Me and elder dewsnup taught the gospel principles class all the time so I know it will help a ton and they'll be great at it. Thats crazy about jason and cheese too. Theyll be great. haha yes I did get your guys recording a couple weeks ago thank you! okay well I know thats not it but oh well haha les amo mucho!!

Elder Buxton

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