The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012

hola familia,
So this week was a pretty good week I guess. It was pretty crazy too. So we had stake conference this week which was really good and spiritual. An area 70 presided and I really loved his talk he gave on Sunday. Well the parts I heard when me and my companion weren't out in the halls and outside chasing down our baptism that gets bored really easy and then runs out. There was a story he told that I loved and wish I had time to tell you it all but I'll have to write it down and then share when I get home. But yeah so we had a baptism after the meeting in the stake chapel along with a couple other baptisms in our zone that we just did all together. We baptised 10 year old ulises who is a capo (stud) and he asked me to baptise him which was cool. It was funny cause that same day we were in the villa with him and with ismael who we baptised a couple weeks ago and I asked them when we are going to play soccer together after he asked me to baptise him and he said right now and went and got a ball so we played around a bit and played keep away and I thought it was funny when he said "are you like messis trainer or something?" haha it was funny. But anyway the hermanas in our district had a baptism too and apparently they didnt have anyone to baptise their kid so I baptised him too which was cool. Also last wednesday we did divisions and I stayed in my area with elder diaz who is brand new to argentina and was waiting for his visa for like 3 months. Hes from miami and hes cool. We had fun and I taught all day which was fun too. But yeah and on Saturday morning the zone got a van to go to the temple so we got up early and went to the villa and got ulises and his sister johana (who we are gonna baptise soon too) and their inactive dad and we were hurrying to get to the church cause the elders were calling us saying hurry hurry they are gonna leave so we were hurrying and we got almost there and I said to my companion that theres no one there and then in that moment he realized that they were meeting in the stake chapel in belgrano, not at our chapel. And so we called them and said we couldnt come (well ulises and them cause we werent going anyway cause there wasnt enough room for any missionaries except 2, only investigators pretty much) and they said just get in a taxi and hurry and come and so we called a taxi and we were 5 and they only take 4 so we sent our investigators in the taxi and we didnt have money so that was a problem too but the elders in belgrano paid so that was good. But yeah it was just a pretty crazy morning that morning. And then in the afternoon there was problems with some members just kinda being babies but whatever thats okay. But yeah the baptism and everything went good so thats all that matters :) we played some soccer today and ate at a kinda nice buffet and I think I'm going to throw up.. so much argentina meat and dessert and stuff. I freakin love chori though. Its basically argentine sausage but its the greatest thing ever. They sell choripan which is the chori on bread with chimichuri sauce and I'm going to miss it so much when I go home haha. So yeah oh and mom if you still have an invite from an hermana gonzalez from argentina, accept it! Its a member here that we meet with and she wanted to add you. oh and cassidee I found your new best friend! She is the 10 year old daughter of hermana gonzalez but she looks 15 and she just looks like she would be your friend haha shes my best friend here right now ;) I told her your her best friend. And then her sister whos 20 is I guess a ward missionary person? Well basically she always helps us out and she always wants to do things for us and is nice so its kinda nice to have her at times. Also I wrote down another scripture to share with you but I dont remember what it says haha youll just have to read it, proverbs 24:3-4. So yeah I guess thats kinda it for last week.

Yeah we get a weekly letter from president that we read and sometimes talk about in district meetings on tuesdays. hahaha I know its hard to believe but everything is in spanish.haha okay not interviews with presidents and there are a ton of greengos in our mission and a lot of latins know some english and president made it a mission requirement for the latins to all speak in english by the end of their missions so in language study they all study english. haha its so funny to hear the things some of them say and learn and how they say it. English is such a hard language. I'm so glad I already know. I have really come to appreciate knowing english haha. wow lots of questions haha. We work in our area which is one ward which is palermo and juncal work in their area which is the juncal ward. hahaha yeah and about elder majarres being a zone leader before and now a district leader I will have to explain that when I get home haha. A while ago my comp said that we are going to the cultural event in the staduim as a mission? I'm not sure though. I guess we will see. And the thing with the apostles I think might be friday the 7th? not really sure on that stuff for now. I havent gotten any emails from tim or his mom. sounds like things are going pretty good and crazy at home haha. Thats always good I guess. oh good I'm glad foxy is going back out too. Whens he going out again? Well I guess that is it for now. les amo mucho!

Elder Buxton

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