The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy President's Day

Hola familia,

So this week was an alright week but kinda a struggle too but thats okay cause we find a way to be happy anyway :) So last tuesday we knew was the viewing of sydney bruning so to district meeting and the whole day we wore purple ties in her honor which was good. But yeah so besides that we have been trying to get some new investigators but we arent having a ton of success. The investigators we have aren't progressing really so its been kinda difficult with them. Dania and celso are pretty much done with and have no real desire to come to church. We met a new girl named ana who's 18 and has a baby that everything was perfect to go to church and stuff and we went to her house in the morning and everything and she had left earlier that morning cause I guess she woke up and just wanted to be alone for a while.. So that stunk but yeah.. We found a new kid who's cousins with erika last night when we were with her and his name is diego. He accepted a book of mormon and he started listening in on our conversation with erika about the plan of salvation. He also accepted a baptismal date for the 10th of march so we just gotta get him to come to church each week. Besides that me and my comp have been really feeling like we are doing the same things and visiting the same people and so we arent getting anywhere. The analogy our president uses is that we are painting the same tree over and over. So we decided that this week we need to go paint new trees! We just hope that the queen of hearts doesn't get mad at us when she finds out.. ;) haha yep missionaries can make jokes and have fun too ;) Okay so I just wrote everything out and almost all of it got deleted.... ugh.. Okay not sure what I said. umm so this week was kinda difficult for my companion since he was kinda struggling with some personal stuff. But I am grateful for when he broke down I was able to give him a blessing with the authority of God. We truly are so blessed to have the true priesthood of God restored back on the earth. Jose Smith es un capo! :) Oh and I have some good news for cassidee. On march 3rd the jonas brothers are gonna be here haha jealous cass? ;) But besides that dania and celso are pretty much done with which is really kinda sad but they aren't progressing at all so yeah. Also last week we went on divisions with versalles (the other area in our district) and I went over there with elder dewitt. They really are kinda struggling right now and their numbers are really low and his companion elder bennitt (whos from orem) goes home next monday. So it was good to be able to go over there and help them find a new investigator that we found by "gathering israel" in the one appointment they had set. Its also always really funny how when we invite people to come listen they are hesitant at first and so we say we just come for like 3 minutes and then we always end up talking for like half an hour or more haha its funny. But yeah so thats what me and my companion are gonna be doing a lot this week is just gathering israel all the time and start doing new things so that we can find new investigators to set up the next transfer good since this week is the last week of the transfer. Its weird cause it was only 5 weeks but felt really long. But we heard that there may be more 5 week transfers.. I guess we will find out. But yeah we are gonna try to go to the despedida since we have quite a few friends who are leaving so yeah we will see. We just gotta get an investigator to go with us or we cant go. So yeah I guess that's pretty much it for this week.

Hey mom what degree are you working for again? And what movie are you gonna go see today? Make sure you get that homework done! Sorry I'm not there to help ya.. haha. But yeah texting is really nice and I'm interested to see how everything will change with our new mission president in July. So today I got an email from some kid that I dont even know that said he is going into the mtc in april and stuff and that he was looking on the internet about information on his mission (dont know what mission, he didnt say) and he said he found my blog and read some stuff and he basically just said how I kinda inspired him I guess and that I have a strong testimony that is affecting more people than I think or something like that. That was a really cool email to get :) I am glad that austin is doing really good. I hope he will be okay going into the field since its a big change and all but I know he will be fine. And don't worry mom he doesn't have that much time to email me now so we cant say too much haha. If I were you mom I wouldn't worry too much about cassidee since she is in high school and she needs to have fun and live it up (without getting near danger obviously) but thats the only way she is gonna learn all the life lessons she needs. Who does she usually hang out with? And no I havent got your package yet since we havent gone anywhere but I should next monday on transfers. And we actually havent played any soccer in a while which is kinda sad.. But oh well. Keep up the good work everyone! les amo a todos mucho! chao!

Love, Elder Buxton

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