The Guys!

The Guys!
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Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4, 2012

Hola familia!
So this last week has been a pretty good week. Then again every week in the mission is good if you make it that way :) So towards the end of last week celso came back! :) And he came to church with us finally!! Its about time! He really liked it and he now has a baptismal date for the 17th of this month so we are helping him with that. also we have dania who couldn't make it to church cause her family is in bolivia so she had to work sunday. We also have other investigators now where dania works. Its a big building with just a ton of clothes kinda like genx but every person has their little clothes business part that they sit by and sell. So we now are teaching dania, a girl that works with her name katy, a little boy that works with them named alan, and 2 girls that sell like 10 feet away from dania and one of their boyfriends kinda. They are all good friends so we go and teach them all together but it can tend to get hectic cause they have to attend to their customers still and they all ask so many interesting questions. But its awesome to know that dania and erica they both already have had a confirmation from the spirit that the book is true. Which is awesome! Now all they have to do is decide to follow that and show heavenly father they are willing to repent and be baptized! Erica and the other girl evelin technically don't live in our area so we cant baptize them which is sad.. :( but we will see what to do with that.
Recently I have been changing a lot which I love to see. Obviously thats not my purpose here but if we are working and thinking and focusing on our investigators, thats when we change as people. I learned some really important things a couple weeks ago that I just recently have been really applying to my life. The first one is that happiness really seriously honestly truely is a DECISION (dont know if thats spelled right, but who needs english anyway ;) ) but I really started to choose to be happy and I have noticed a huge difference in my life. My companion has even said that hes seen a huge difference. When we choose to be happy thats when true happiness comes. Happiness is not a reflection of our circumstances. Something that has helped me with that though is something else I learned. When we have a problem or something we always say "heavenly father please help me with this problem." That is too broad. Like when Jesus asked the brother of jared " what would you have me do?" We must ask something more specific. For example if I want to be more humble and I say "heavenly father please help me be more humble" I'm basically saying "heavenly father please change me so that I'm more humble." God can't change us. BUT he can give us desires. Recently I have been asking heavenly father to bless me with the desires to be a 100% missionary. And for the desire to want to choose to be happy. I promise you all it makes all the difference. Just something I have really loved recently.
Oh and on saturday I had something cool happen with dania. So after we said the closing prayer and stuff it was time to give them some homework to read and pray about in the book of mormon. dania didnt have her book at work so I took out a sticky note and wrote down the first page number that came to my head and told her to read any 2 verses on the page and then I promised her that it would help her in her life and would be something she needs. When we went yesterday I looked at the page I gave her (pg 137 in spanish) and she "just happen" to read 2 verses that were perfect for her! I like flipped out cause I thought that was so sweet and knew that I only did that by the power of God. She didnt really understand the verses but we helped her after that. They were 2 nephi 32:4-5 I think. 4 talks about how if we dont understand the words of Christ its cause we have not asked or knocked. It was perfect cause dania has a hard time understand scriptures and I really hope from teaching that to her yesterday she learned why. But yeah so she and katy and alan have baptismal dates for this month so we are going to be helping them with that but it really comes from their part. So its up to them. We are just here to help them in anyway possible. This week should be a pretty good week. The district leaders and zone leaders have a meeting tomorrow so I will probably be on divisions with elder skeen and then wednesday we have zone meeting and then thursday apparently we have a meeting for junior companions (hahah I laughed when I saw that) and then yeah I think we will be doing other divisions this week with our district and with our zone leaders so its going to be a busy busy week. I am really happy to hear how good austin is doing though! :) I was really excited last night to read his email and see how hes doing. I'm so glad hes loving the mtc a lot more now. I cant wait till he gets into the field and really starts experiencing things. But thats all the important stuff I cant think of to tell you right now haha.

Haha wendys was good but its not the same as home. Frosty are nothing the same and yes everything here like mccdonalds and wendys wise is way more expensive. Yeah we all knew about elder whitzit but not exactly was wrong because saturday we have a conference call from president (we actually have those quite often) and after lunch we started our fast as a mission to have more baptized and find more investigators and for elder whitzit to get better. Is he like in the hospital here or what? yeah I saw that austin saw carson. And tell john I love him and good luck for me! that's insane 855?!? oh yeah so one of the reasons people arent really training and not really going up to senior companion here in our mission is cause we have like over 60 missionaries waiting for their visas.. so crazy! They will probably all come in in packs and everyones gonna train! hahah that'd be funny. Your excercising mom? Thats awesome!! Keep it up! I kinda stopped reading miracle of forgiveness but started again weeks ago and I'm almost done with it now. Well I guess thats it for this week. les amo mucho! esta iglesia es la verdad!

Love, Elder Buxton

tell kirsten I miss her emails. havent heard from her in a little while. Tell her I will try to write her a letter soon too. thanks!

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