The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, February 25, 2013


Hola familia,
So mi familia I guess I will start out by telling you about transfers since thats the most important. It was pretty crazy but I got transfered!! Weird! So I'm now in whats called maschwitz haha its in zona escobar like I was when I first got to Argentina. So I'm back in provincia and not even close to capital anymore. Its going to be weird cause this transfer is general conference at the end and so I will get to see a bunch of friends and members from tortuguitas when we have general conference at the end! :) I'm way stoked!! But its going to be an interesting transfer. My new companion is elder barakat. I hope jacob is reading this when I say this but he is from el salvador! Hes told me a little bit about it. Like he told me that belise (the other half of jacobs mission) they dont speak spanish at all there in belise. Its all english. And then in el salvador is all spanish. Not sure if jacob already knew that but I thought that was cool. I'm sure I'll be learning a lot more about el salvador over the next 5 so stay tuned jacob ;) But yeah so he has 3 months in the mission haha since last transfer was 5 weeks he technically has 1 week left in his training which I'll be finishing haha but yeah. And.... we live in a pention with the 2 elders that are in the area savio (which is our ward too, our area just has a different name) and guess who it is... yep ELDER WALKER!!! :) haha I'm so stoked its gonna be so sick to live with him!! It's been a little bit since I've seen him. Its gonna be a lot of fun. And so far my companion is pretty chill and he knows a lot of english but I am so glad to not be speaking english anymore. Who needs that language ;) and elder walker is training so he gets his new new latino companion tomorrow so that will be interesting too. So yeah besides that its been a kinda difficult week in liniers. antonela went back to cordoba for a couple weeks so I didnt really get to say goodbye to her. We finally ate with familia toƱanez again (it had been a couple weeks) and I got pretty sick with something in my stomach so I wasnt doing to good for a couple days and then just like yesterday and the day before I've been getting sick like cold wise and all stuffed up and stuff so thats not fun.. But besides that I said goodbye to some families and got pictures. I got pictures with erika and when I texted her and told her I was leaving she said she cried. But I told her that when she gets baptized that I can come back to it and do the ordinance if she wants. So I guess we will see with that haha. We had a family night with familia pignataro which was a lot of fun. I will send you guys some pics in a sec. But yeah jared was gonna come early this morning and say bye but never showed up.. dont know why. But its okay I'm excited to meet new members and experience a new area with new miracles and new people to baptize! Besides that.. I bought some toms last week for like $9 US dollars haha. Oh and yeah we had a conference call the other day and president told us that the whole south part of our mission like tierra del fuego and stuff down with the penguins is going to be its own mission. So crazy! Like you sent me recently mom. So it wont be part of our mission anymore and people might be getting called down there soon to go help open it up. And theres still a lot of greengos waiting for their visas so they might all come in next transfer. So we will see. But yeah that was pretty much my week for now. We weren't able to go to the despedida cause none of our investigators could come but a lot of people got transferred this transfer. I saw elder jorquera and he is now in the offices hahaha it was really funny when I found that out. Elder brown is a zone leader now and Elder harrison is training now. Really nuts but thats the mish.
And mom dont think I'm going to forget! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! :) :) Thank you for everything you do! You are the best mom in the world!! :) I hope you have a fun day today and get to relax and do something fun!

Yes I just got your package today mom. Haven't opened it yet but thank you! Okay just make sure this package you send isn't expensive please! I hope my debit card comes soon cause I need it cause I need to take out like $40 to replace the bottoms of my shoes haha. Well I guess that's it for this week. I don't think these pictures are going to work today cause its going so dang slow and I don't know why. pero espero que todos tengan una buena semana! les amo con todo corazon!

Con Amor, Elder Buxton

Hey make sure jacob reads my email and emails me if he has an questions or anything he wants me to ask my companion

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