The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, March 4, 2013

How are you?

hola familia,
So this week was an alright week. It was really good getting to know the members and everything. The members here are awesome. They really all help in the work and that makes such a big difference. In liniers (my last area) the members didn't help us at all and so not much happened. But this week was kinda of a struggle cause like I said I was still sick with something in my stomach and then I got congested and.... on like tuesday I lost my voice... :( its so difficult to be a missionary when you don't have a voice.. I didn't get the most part of it back until like saturday.. It was hard but I did the best I could. Its a good thing that my companion is just a capo and so we were fine teaching wise and stuff but still. Me and my companion get a long really well which I love and we really help each other to be more obedient. And its so so great having elder walker in my pention too. I love living with 4 of us instead of 2. If you have 4 then it can be easier to break rules and stuff but if you have 4 obedient missionaries in one pention its so great and we all help each other out more. Also elder walker is district leader haha he didnt tell us until the other day. But my district leader is in tortuguitas haha so when we do divisions I will go over there and be able to see people I know! :) and I will know the area better than my district leader haha but yeah so elder walkers son (new companion fresh from 2 weeks in the mtc) is elder arostica from chile. Apparently he is really good at soccer but us 4 are all way tight. He doesn't know any english but is starting to learn. Later today we are gonna play soccer with the young men and a bunch of people we invited and we kinda challenged them so I hope elder erostica really does play good haha. We will see. I'm stoked to play!! Its been awhile! Okay so a little bit about the week. We have a 9 year old investigator named facundo who was supposed to get baptized yesterday. Yesterday is a long long story.. terrible day but we stayed laughing and happy. So we prepared facundo all week long and taught his brother too who is gonna get baptized soon too. So we taught facundo and then long story short we had it all figured out after saturday night. So we went on sunday morning to get him and the whole family had left to capital.. so that stunk.. and then we went to get a member to go get some investigators that we found and had an awesome lesson with on saturday night and basically what happened is they couldn't come and we kinda lost our 2 cell phones that we have so we are without cell phones and we had no investigators in church even after waking up early and everything. Its was rough but we still had a pretty good day. savio (elder walker and his comp) had a baptism yesterday and someone took their old phone (cause remember how I told you the whole mission got new phones? Yeah well we still have our old phones too) out of elder walkers backpack at some point and so basically we lost 3 phones in one day.. I called elder jorquera last night since he is in the offices now and he said we have to wait 2 weeks... :( pretty rough.. but we will survive! umm saturday we did some service at a members house us 4 and our district leader and one of our zone leaders since they were on divisions so that they could do the baptismal interviews. I got a little sunburnt and now my back hurts but thats alright haha. hmm it was a really short week but so much happened. Cant remember everything haha sorry. We found like 8 new investigators this last week so that was good. I will inform you when they start to progress. hmm so for jacobs sake.. el salvador is half argentina and half america. It looks and is like argentina but like they just use US money and they have stuff like mountain dew and doctor pepper and taco bells and cheap wendys. They dont have any of the above here in argentina haha. umm also at transfers I saw my dad elder curbela who just finished his mission that day. Kinda sad I couldn't go to his despedida but thats okay. hmm I probably forgot a lot but I guess that's the jist (NO idea how to spell in english anymore if you didn't notice haha) It honestly feels so good to have my voice 90% back. I don't feel like myself when I can't talk. Cause here on the mission that's not who I am. I have to be talking and saying something haha its great. So I guess thats it for the last week highlights. I really do like the members a lot and they are very accepting and I love that my companion is obedient and wants to baptize. So that's what we are gonna do this transfer. BAUTIZAR!!!! :) oh and cassidee HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL SIS!!! :) I love you!!! Have an awesome week and an awesome day on thursday!! Sweet 16!!! are you getting your license? gonna do anything fun?

Thats way awesome about osmerh! I read it last week in your letter to austin. He is gonna have to learn a lot of guarani. I have learned a little bit from the villas (way poor places) because they all come from paraguay. But yeah. Its so crazy that austin leaves today!! I bet you stoked mom to get to talk to him in the morning. Hope that goes good. Let me know how hes doing! I love the pic of elder buxton, harris, richards. Very cool! Us 4 are in the same ward so that's way nice. We eat together sometimes and everything which I love cause its way more fun. But we always go out and teach in 2's cause we have to go to our area. Apparently they were going to move us at some point but we talked to a guy in our ward that works for the mission and he said us moving isn't a priority anymore. We don't know why but we are all definitely happy with staying in the same pench together :) Okay so mom thank you for the package! Don't like that you paid that much but thank you anyway! :) just a couple things about it. You were supposed to send me a copy of MY mission call not austins hahahaha. Did you do that on purpose? Also the soccer ball you sent me haha I laughed. How come you sent me that one? Are there not like 30 balls at our house anymore like there used to be when I was home? The ball is fine I'm just wondering haha. Also in the pics you sent there weren't any pics or me and laura at prom. If you can get some put those in the letter with my call and debit card. So yeah I think that's it. The bishop here is mas o menos. He has a different vision about baptizing but we are gonna baptize either way. Elder mattingley stayed in liniers mom haha. Sounds like your birthday was pretty good. I'm really glad! you deserve it mom. Oh yeah I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday to share my testimony and introduce myself and I loved the opportunity I got to be able to testify to everyone about how I know the Jesus lives but also about how much I love you mom and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here right now. haha yep I really said that mom. I'm glad you got a good long chat with some friends. I know that you needed that. Hang in there mom! That;s funny cause my service I did work helping to build a house too haha. Wow tell cassidee and david and them good luck. Wish I could be there! They will do great though. Yeah wow 2 months to talk to you guys again. I just barely talked to you!!! What the heck!! haha :) Wow very cool about jeremy. Tell him I say good luck and that hes a stud! Well I guess that's it for this week. les amo mucho! :)

Con Amor,
Elder Buxton

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