The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, March 25, 2013

How was this week?

Hola Familia,
So this week was a really intense and tiring week. So basically yesterday was stake conference and I will explain that in a sec. but we planned to have a march madness and baptise as a zone. So we were all working really hard to teach and help our investigators to all get baptised yesterday with only 2 attendances instead of 3 to church. So as a zone it didn't go as good as we hoped.. We had planned for 16 baptisms but we had I think 6... it went way down. Satan worked really hard last week.. But ill explain a little bit of what happened with us. So we were working with family godoy (juliana the mom, micaela 15, and agustin 9) since they came to church a week ago and really liked it. The dad didn't come and is always busy. So last monday we had a way way spiritual lesson with them and invited them to be baptised yesterday and they werent sure about how soon it was and stuff so we all kneeled and prayed and she said she felt like yes but kinda weird at the same time so we told them we wanted to pass by everyday to teach them everything they had left and help them prepare and they agreed. The kids were basically gonnna do what the mom wanted so we were working way hard with her all week. We taught and went with the right member (the name we received from revelation) and we taught everyday except twice. And then came saturday for their interview and I knew everything would work out good if they had their interview cause that would tell them that they are ready. So we went with elder daniel (our district leader) on saturday and they werent there so we called them and were gonna be home in like 45 min so we went and ate dinner quick with a family that signed up to have dinner and then me and elder daniel left early to go do the interview and they werent there still and wouldnt answer their phone after that. And we havent seen them since... :( it was so sad cause we worked so hard with her this last week.. Weve been thinking and talking about them a lot lately and for me its been really hard cause this is like the first time that I've been like really sad for someone not accepting the gospel. Its really sad. I can honestly say that I desire her salvation.. We are gonna keep passing by this week to put a fecha for the 7th to get baptised but we will see. Also weve been working with the cousins of a member that had never shared the gospel with them and they are the mom and the dad, maira 15, manuel 13, y juan 10. The mom and the dad and juan came to the conference yesterday which was awesome! We have a cita with them tonight so that will be good. Also I went to tortuguitas on tuesday for divisions again which went really good. We went to familia gutierrez this time. It was so great to see them! :) the hermano wasnt there but I will see him next time. Also they are teaching brian who is their 9 year old son now. When I was there he was 8 years old and the bishop wouldnt let him get baptised until they got more active and so now he got baptised yesterday. He wanted me to baptise him which I was way happy to hear but the conference was in 2 churchs and you go to whichever one is closer to your ward and so we went to a different one from them so I didnt baptised him. A returned missionary named jonny nieve (i dunnno if you remember familia nieve, we were really good friends with them and the son that was a recently returned missionary when I was there and his bro jonny was on the mission so I never met him but now he is home. His name is gabi. And he is actually gonna marry a girl in my ward right now this year so thats cool. haha I hope that all made sense) but yeah I heard it was really good. So yeah that was just a little bit of the week. We are still teaching micaela with the baby who is progressing good and came yesterday she just needs to get married.. We finally met her boyfriend in the street last night so hopefully we can start teaching him too. So yeah about the conference.. It was way good! It was a satellite transmission to all of argentina. 2 seventys talked and the first counselor I think in the primary presidency and then elder nelson the apostle finished! it was sick! :) I didnt know that elder nelson speaks spanish! Obvisouly he read his talk but he did it by himself in spanish. It was pretty good. They were somewhere in buenos aires but not sure where. Something I loved that elder bowen talked about was he had a meeting with like 6 stake presidents and he felt like inspired to ask a question I think it was. He asked "how many of the families in your stakes that pay their tithing and fast offerings, do family home evening, magnify their callings, do their visiting teaching, read the scriptures everyday, say family and person prayers, cant resolve their own problems?" and the stake presidents thought for a bit and then said "none." So we are starting to apply that to us as missionaries. That it really is the little and simple things that help us to have enough faith and strength and help from our father in heaven to be able to get through all the trials of life. I really liked that. But its one thing to say that and its a completely different thing to apply that to our lives. So yeah that was a short summary of the week. Lots more happened but I dont remember all of it and dont have time to write it all. A couple other details and stuff.. I learned last week that viggo mortensen (aragorn in lord of the rings) is argentine! I didnt know that! I thought that was pretty cool haha. Also I found out that my friend elder fernandez who is in his training still knows georgia. They were in the mtc in guatemala together. Pretty cool! Oh and mom that package from the sanders do you know if they are going to send it again or if it got back to them? Just curious. Okay so this week tomorrow we are going to have a special easter conference like we had last year :) I'm excited! and then I think we are officially moving this week... its gonna be sad but oh well I guess.. hopefully we get a phone this week too! So yeah thats pretty much it. Listening to elder nelson got me really excited for conference in 2 weeks. Cant wait!! :)

austin emailed me and Im sooooo glad to hear he is doing a lot better!! :) Me and my companion have been praying for him all week long. It made me really happy to know he is doing good! and I swear I almost like cried when I saw the picture of him in white! Thats so sick! Keep it up aust! :) This week has been pretty warm and hot but it rained like twice. One was this morning that it rained. But theres sun now so hopefully we can play futbol! hahahahahaha that made me laugh so hard when you asked if yamila is a snake mom hahaha. She is a little bit snakish.. haha I say no but elder barakat thinks she is my snake. hahaha but its whatever no worries there. austin finally learned what a snake is? Thats way funny. I'm glad cass finished range without dying! haha how many people/cones did she hit? ;) she got asked to prom? oh yeah one sec Ill go look at the pics and stuff after. Thats awesome though!! wow mom good job on your presentation! Your a real genia!! ;) dang everyone has been getting sick around here last week with the rapid weather changes.. including my companion.But I've been pretty lucky so I'm grateful :) no we have transfers the day after general conference. and yeah I got my shoes back finally. They are different a little bit. Just the sole. But I dont wanna buy new ones. Yes I've got grandpas emails I just havent had time to write back. I'm gonna try to today. haha I sometimes think about things after the mission and what I wanna do. Every missionary does. But I try to stay focused haha but yeah. So yeah gracias por todo las cosas que hacen cada uno de ustedes por mi. les amo mucho!

Elder Buxton

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