The Guys!

The Guys!
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Monday, March 11, 2013

How was this week?

Hola familia,
So this week here in maschwitz was a pretty good week. umm so first of all on tuesday. I went on divisions to tortuguitas which was so so weird being back there haha I got to see a couple members and recent converts which was awesome. I tried to see a couple others but they weren't home so I will see them next week when we do divisions again. I went with elder daniel (our district leader) who's way chill. We get a long really good so its fun :) the pention is way way different then how it was before but its mostly clean so that's good. Also I looked at the baton (the list of recent converts in the past 2 years) and I dont know what the elders have been doing there or if its just been hard cause they have only baptized I think 4 people since I was there like a year ago.. and theres like 30 people on the list that got baptized in the last 2 years and 1/3 of them are mine. I thought that was pretty interesting. Looks like the area could use some help these days. But yeah anyway. So we were going to baptise facundo on saturday and he fodged us again... The whole family went with their mom to a different city for the weekend.. So we are for sure for sure getting him in that font this weekend even if we have to throw him in! ;) Besides that we were able to find some new investigators but none of them are really progressing much but we will see what we can do with that. Theres a family that we found that there is like 2 families I think that live in the 2 houses next to each other and they are all related but its been really difficult with them. It gets frustrating. But we are going to keep passing by and see what happens. I got to know some more members this week better and so that was good. Oh and the other night when we were teaching a few of them from that family the power went out in like our whole area.. It was almost pitch black. And a family invited us to eat dinner with them so we walked there in the dark and then after that we had to take a remis (a type of taxi) to get home cause its too dangerous without light in an area like this. But yeah so that was pretty much our week last week. This week we have interviews with president tomorrow so that'll be good. And we have a couple dinners this week us 4 missionaries together (elder walker and his comp) with a couple families. One is a birthday on saturday so that will be a lot fun. But yeah I think that's pretty much it. I talked to elder jorquera last week and we should be getting a new phone sometime this week. I guess we will see. Its frustrating not having a phone but at least we can make some calls in the night from elder walkers phone haha but yeah. We have been studying one principle from each lesson in preach my gospel each day and memorizing a scripture with it for the past couple weeks which is going good. Not as good on the memorizing part haha but we can work on that ;) but yeah we are already on lesson 4. So yeah I think that's it for my week and all here right now. Oh and I think I'm going to get my shoe fixed this week. The hole gets bigger and bigger every day :) hahah.

Yeah and my voice is back all the way so i'm grateful for that :) haha don't worry mom I will explain obedience and leadership and all that stuff to you when I get home. This last week its been getting hotter again. I don't know if I told you guys like a week and 2 weeks ago it had been getting pretty cold. But its just kinda random each day now. Kinda weird. Wow st george? I miss going there.. I hope you guys enjoy it and have fun!! Yeah we have our ministering licences that have an expiration date on them but that's not always the date we will come home. Like mine says december 24th 2013 which we actually calculated to be right but with the 5 week transfer we will get home on like the 16th I think it is. When you get in the field you can just count the transfers and see when you go home. But that changes if there is more 5 week transfers. And yeah you go home at the end of a transfer but there are some that like in our mission there was some that were supposed to go home in december last year but went home 3 weeks early so they could start school that sememster but yeah. That's awesome that everything went good when you talked to austin. oh yeah I bet hes exhausted. I'm way curious to see how hes doing! Now I guess I'll have to wait till next week... ah man.. haha. I'm sure he is doing great though!
I'm glad that cassidee had a good birthday. Cant believe she is already 16! Thats so crazy! I love you cass! :) haha thats funny about jacob and them in austins room and that stinks about the timp soccer game that they didn't win. I miss watching soccer in real life.. We pass by games on courts all the time and I'm just like gah! I wanna play right now!! haha but its okay. The lord is more important :) haha I'm glad cassidee is having fun being manager too. Well I guess that is it. gracias a todos por todo lo que hacen para mi. son capos todos ustedes! :) les amo! chau!

Elder Buxton

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  1. You look so energetic uh' :) but its a God Job and I like it.

    Keep it up, God Bless!

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