The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, March 18, 2013

Love the Pictures....

hola familia,

Fuah! This is so weird I swear I just wrote you guys like 2 days ago.. haha. But first of all now I'm really worried about austin. I hope that he is doing okay :( I know he will be just fine as long as he just gives himself to the lord. Please pray for austin everyone that reads this! Okay so first of all for my week it was a pretty good week. This week we had less lessons with members present and stuff BUT thats okay cause we finally got investigators to church! :) We committed juliana 40, agustin 8, and micaela 15 to come and they finally did! Thats familia godoy by the way. But yeah it was great! Everyone was way nice to them and helped them a ton in church which was so awesome to see! Also we have an investigator who's a different micaela who is 16 and is the daughter of a recent convert and she came to church randomly a week ago and so we taught her all last week and she came again yesterday and it was great! She has a kid though and needs to get married to her 25 year old boyfriend so we are going to work on that with her. But it was so great to see them in church. Also with facundo we still haven't seen him.. They haven't even come back from their moms house.. Apparently they might be going to court and all that cause the mom wants them and stuff like that so yeah I dunno.. but hmm besides that on saturday we went to a recent convert familias house and had an asado for the dads birthday which was so good! I love chorizzo!! :) and its always fun having dinner with elder walker and arostica. We eat like a couple dinners with them a week sometimes. We took pictures which I will send in the next couple weeks. Oh yeah and we had interviews last week which went really well. We learned a lot of stuff and one thing we learned about is how important it is to invite people to be baptised in the first lesson. Just the invitation alone can give someone the faith to come to church and progress. I thought that was very interesting how just an invitation gives someone faith. But yeah after talking to president I felt really good. President gulbrandsen is so great! I'm so sad I wont have him as my last interview of my mission.. but oh well. hmm besides that we are looking for people to baptise this weekend cause we have stake conference and our investigators can get baptised with only 2 attendances! So we are gonna put fechas with the familia godoy in our cita with them. We are having a satellite broadcast from I think the area 70 since they are new or something like that. Guess we will find out haha. Also we still don't have a phone which isn't fun but we should get one this week. And elder jorquera and the offices are making plans for me and my comp to move and get a pention in our area. Cause president doesnt like 4 missionaries in one place cause its easier to break rules. We dont break rules but yeah oh well. They still have to find a pention and go look at it and everything so we probably for sure have at least a couple more weeks together. We will see. But I guess thats it for my week. But I have a couple cool details and questions. First mom the missionary mall white shirt pics I sent you. Are they gonna send me shirts or what? I just remembered that the other day. Oh and also our whole mission changed credit cards last week. haha kinda dumb detail but still :) Also mom I saw that you liked the photos that yamila tagged you in so you could have them haha. Have you talked to her yet? yamila is a 19 year old recent convert and a good friend of ours. She makes us cake sometimes :) but shes way cool and helps us out a lot. Oh and also I'm sure you guys heard but now the new pope is argentine hahaha I guess satan just wanted frustrate us as missionaries here in argentina more haha kinda cool and dumb. Also I'm pretty sure this is the first time in my life I have had to wash my clothes by hand and then hang them up on a line haha theres no place to wash them around here. A member will sometimes wash our socks and shirts but refuses to wash our garments haha but whatever its cool. oh oh oh AND I found something sick out the other day. I guess this is more for dad. Well he will understand more. Do you guys know who austin colley is? He played football for byu and now he is in the NFL. Yeah well I just found out that he served in my mission. Some of the members I talked to the other day said they are his converts. I thought that was freakin sick that I'm serving in the same area as him haha. But yeah they are gonna show me photos of it soon. So yeah thats about it for my random details haha.

Yeah I heard that ayelen got sick. How is she now? elder whitzits there now? Thats cool!! yeah we just saw today that we can now email friends and converts!! Thats so sick!!! We are all stoked now!! :) And I love my mission president cause we don't have a certain amount of time to be on the computers. We can be on almost all day if we really wanted to haha but we aren't stupid ;) cassidees doing range? fuah so weird!! haha. Keep off the sidewalks everyone!!! ;) Love you cass. This week has actually been pretty cold.. I think its starting to warm up a little bit more one last time before it drops for fall. We will see. Wow brendan is already 18?? crazy! Yeah we are going to play some soccer so I'm excited :) thanks so much mom for all the times you put my name on the prayer roll in the temple. I honestly feel those prayers so much out here when I'm needing help. I love you mom! :) I didnt know that jacob had his farewell!! He didnt tell me before. I have an email from him now that I will respond to but still. Last thing. How did you guys know about us being able to email friends now? okay well that's its for this week. les amo con todo mi corazon junto con esta iglesia! :)

Love, Elder Buxton

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  1. Obviously you are enjoying the picture and yes it was so lovely . :)

    God Bless!

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