The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

hola familia,
feliz pascua ayer!! :) So this week was a kinda difficult week but thats okay! So today we moved..... we are all pretty sad about it.. I'll miss being in a pent with elder walker and arostica.. We will eat with them a couple times this week so that will be good and then in general conference too but yeah. And then me and elder barakat got kinda more sad when we saw our pent.. Its really small and we don't have anything for right now. We have beds and a table and stuff but no fridge or microwave or food or anything.. We were supposed to get out money out today but all the ATMs were out of money.. We have been wasting time moving and running around all day. Not the funnest p day.. but we will survive. Later we are gonna go play soccer so that's good. Okay so last week we had our easter conference thing with president which went really really good. We talked a lot about the atonement and repentance and the power of the book of mormon. When president talked about repentance he was like crying and everything and it was way good. The spirit that was there was pretty incredible. Also that meeting we got the same challenge as we did a year ago. To read the book of mormon cover to cover but this time we are doing it in 90 days instead of 60. Not sure why.. but me and elder walker didn't want to read it in english again so we are reading it in spanish this time :) Its going great so far. We have to mark the same stuff as last time too. hmm the last few days we have been getting up at 6 in the morning to go to the church and do some excercises and kick a ball around and stuff which has been really good. But I have a blister on both feet And they are like not normal. They are like bruised underneath somehow so they are definitely affecting me during the day. Especially friday when we walked somewhere between 10-15 miles. It was pretty bad. Just no one was home.. besides that flia godoy has kinda dropped off the map.. its really sad :( flia diosque was gone all weekend so we will see them this week and help 3 of them prepare for their baptism this sunday. We also have micaela who is doing really great. She just needs to get married or separated. But she committed to live the word of wisdom last week and she comes to church every week and is excited for general conference. Besides that we are in the searching phase for right now.. But yeah. Me and elder walker had like a 2 hour talk the other night about a lot of stuff which was really good and now I'll really miss not being in the same pent as him. Besides that we shared a video yesterday thats like 5 minutes long but they lost the control so we couldnt change the language so I had to translate the whole thing which was kinda fun and kinda hard haha but yeah anyway. Besides that not a whole ton happened.. something I liked from my book of mormon reading the past couple days is when it talks a lot about the bible in like 1 nephi 13 and 14 and stuff. And about how it was easy to understand and read and simple when it was written first but so many people took things out and corrupted it which is why so many people are so confused these days cause of the bible. But its alright cause its all part of the plan of salvation so it had to happen. But yeah I like that part :) besides that I am so so stoked for general conference you guys don't even know!!!! :) I love our little greengo room where we watch it in english and bring just junk and eat stuff. And I'm so excited to receive revelation to a couple questions I have. Its gonna be great!!!! :) oh oh! and we found out yesterday that we broke the confirmations record this month!! Which means we are probably going to the temple like this week!! :) :) Its funny cause we broke the record that we set when me and elder walker were in this zone a year ago. So we have broken it twice now :) oh and its the last week of the transfer already. So crazy it went by so fast! My comp thinks he is leaving next week. Guess we will see!

That's cool you guys went to the young womens broadcast. I'm glad you liked it! I'm sure it was good to see the Terry's again also. In our ward if someone doesn't show up to church who is supposed to talk then they ask one of the missionaries to talk. If we are lucky they ask us before the meeting starts. Just goes to show that missionaries always have to be ready :) I haven't talked yet though so we will see. My comp gave a talk a couple weeks ago. Wow so austin really did come home then? :( I'm kinda shocked right now.. me and my companion have been praying for him all week. But yeah we all have our agency and we can do as we please. But there are always consequences to our decisions whether they are good or bad. But yeah I dont really know what else to say. I wont ever love austin any less and I know his heavenly father wont either. I'm just sad that he is gonna miss out on all this stuff that I'm learning that I know I cant ever learn anywhere else.. I heard that 2 years as a missionary with the stuff we learn and know is equivolent to what we would learn and understand in 40 years at home. I thought that was interesting. but anyway. We pray for you too mom and family so don't worry haha. When did austin get home? What time? Did you guys pick him up? How was it? Is he different at all? I'm curious to know what all happened. Well I think that is it for this week. les amo mucho!! preparense todos para escuchar a las palabras de nuestro padre celestial y para recibir revelations! va a ser de diez!!! :)

Elder Buxton

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