The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, April 15, 2013

How was this week?

Hola familia,
So this week was a rough week but it was kinda good at the same time haha. So a couple things first is that this transfer elder walker is my district leader!! :) haha its so sweet! So he has to call me every night and its awesome! Also elder barakat is with elder whitzit in palermo haha thats so sick. Me and elder walker thought that was really funny. Okay well this last week our numbers were not the best.. We really are struggling with finding progressing investigators. I know there are prepared people in our area I just am not sure how to find them at the moment since the members have been struggling to give us referals.. But we will keep working. micaela kinda fodged our citas like 4 times this week so I'm afraid she is falling from us. We found out she has some doubts so she is gonna write them down and we are going to help her. familia diosque doesnt want to get baptised right now but we taught them lesson 2 the other day and it was really good and they invited us to eat pizza with them after so that was cool. Maybe we are getting somewhere with them. Also can I just say how fat me and my comp feel this week! haha we had lunch and dinner almost every day this last week. It was awesome!! :) but we almost want to throw up everynight... hahaha its great! But yeah also we found another investigator named marisa who is a little different but doesnt have a religion and she has really good beliefs so we are seeing what we can do with her. Besides that we are running low on investigators.. but its been good to have strengthened our relationship with the members last week with all the dinners and stuff. So hopefully they can give us so more referrals. hmm so yeah that was kinda our week.. oh! and on thursday we met as a zone and watched the priesthood session! :) We missed pres uchtdorfs talk and the end of pres monsons and half of another guys because of time but from the rest they talked so much about missionary work and the importance of it and the involvement of the members. It was awesome and I hope that inspired many people to help us more. They are putting such a huge emphasis on missionary work these days. Its great! :) I really hope austin was watching and intentively listening also! But yeah so that was pretty much our week. We really just gotta find this week..

Thats so awesome you all went to the temple together. Must have been an amazing site with everyone in the celestial room! Also as of right now I am just about to start 2 nefi 31 tomorrow. Thats pretty good for 2 weeks no? :) I love the book of mormon!!! not gonna lie though the isaiah parts in 2 nefi are killer in spanish!! hahaha. They are hard enough to understand in english so just imagine in spanish.. haha. Its okay I still learn from him though. Some thoughts I kinda had this week that I was really thinking about as I taught my investigators is that like it says in the book of mormon this generation is so quick to do evil and forget their god. Like there are so many people that get answers and know what they need to do but then they just dont do it. Its really frustrating! And I cant even imagine how God feels about it happened all the time with all his children. But something we all need to get better at that is so critical in this world right now is that we need to stop doing what we want and we need to start doing what God wants us to do. We think we always know whats best and we convince ourselvs that it is. But what God tells us is always the best thing for us cause he loves us so much more than we can comprehend and he is the only one that can really see the whole eternal perspective of everything. I'm trying really hard to help my investigators to see that and to see how what we are doing is not just some other little church. There are so many little churches in our area that are little extensions to peoples houses with like 15 chairs and a keyboard and microphone set up. How can that possibly be the church of god?! But I dont blame those people. They are only kept from the truth cause they know not where to find it. Thats where we come in! :) haha but anyway.. mom I hope your looking forward to a lot of gospel based conversations when I get back haha ;) thats interesting about austin but I hope he is doing good! haha health care in argentina huh? What have you learned so far? Well yeah I guess that is it for now. Thank you for your words mom and for being such an awesome example at home as a mother, excerciser, and a disciple of christ! :) les amo a todos! que les vaya bien esta semana!

Con Amor,
Elder Buxton

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