The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, April 22, 2013

How are you?

Hola familia,
So this week was definitely a week of ups and downs. Satan likes to work very hard on us. Especially me.. I dont like that he knows my weaknesses and how to destroy me but that does give me the chance to grow cause I have a loving father in heaven whos even more powerful :) So this week we worked hard on finding new investigators. It was really hard and still is cause our members aren't exactly giving much refferals for now.. not sure why.. but we continue to work. So we worked a lot with famila diosque this week and committed them to come to church almost everyday. We were so sure they were going to come and then it was really sad when they didnt show up... I was really sad in sacrament meeting cause I was in the place where I was supposed to be in the whole world feeling the spirit and peace and my investigators werent there to feel it... :( we taught flia disoque on saturday and when we showed up there was a couple other extended family members that we taught too so that was good. They actually asked us to come to their house to teach again. One is a guy named enrique who wasnt that interested. But there were 2 girls that are sisters who want us to come to their house. One is 23 and one is 27. So we are gonna pass by this week and see what happens with that. On saturday the ward went to the temple and micaela went with her mom and sister (they are recent converts from last year) and so they are just chilled outside around the temple. The mom should have a temple recommend but hasn't had an interview yet I dunno why. And the dad is not a member. Hes kinda a more angry man.. haha but in the past missionaries have tried with him and he just doesnt like to commit to anything so we havent tried with him at all cause hes not interested. But it just so happens that he came to church with his familia (micaela didnt come) yesterday. Me and my comp taught the gospel principles class which went good. We talked about the church in old times. Antonia (micaelas dad) had quite a few questions about the apostasy which we had a good discussion about apart from the excommunicated member that was there saying random things and was trying to almost argue with him more than anything.. She has some problems in the head haha but it all turned out good. And actually the dad talked to me after and ask for us to come over wednesday. I ask if it was to do service (hes been wanting help building a part of there house) but he said no that he wants to have a lesson. So I was like haha alright of course! :) So we will see what happens with that tomorrow. Thats kind of all the details for this last week. Theres a girl here named sandy peñaloza who is waiting for her mission call to come right now that is just freakin awesome. I talked to her yesterday and she said that she really wants to go out with us but she works every day except saturdays so saturday she is gonna do visits with us like all day on saturdays. And she told me yesterday that she found a way to maybe quit her job and find one for in the morning so she might do that this week so that she can go with us days during the week too. That would help out so very much since she is a great example and lives the gospel. Also her dad has a stake calling and he is a capo too and is gonna help us more. So many members here make up excuses to not go with us but hermano peñaloza comes with us even if he just barely got home from work 2 seconds earlier. Its awesome! :) Besides that its been pretty warm this past week. We use sweaters now in the more nighttime but its always warm during the day. But I think its going to start to get colder soon. We will see I guess. This wednesday also we are going to do an activity in the church and just invite everyone in our areas to watch a church movie. So hopefully people show up. Oh yeah and on friday we had our coordination meeting with our ward mission leader and all the young men and elders and high priests were playing soccer. We finished and we were watching a bit and then one team was missing 2 players so me and elder arostica stepped in and after that we never left the court from winning every game :) haha it was sick. Some guy after every time he lost kept saying "theres no way this kid (pointing to me) is greengo. Hes got to be like german or from england or something." hahaha I thought that was really funny. Me and elder arostica play very well together. Not sure why but we do :) oh yeah and on sunday an hermana from tortuguitas who I was really good friends with and sent you many pics of me and their son franco whos 18 and their dad was at our church cause she has a stake calling and she remembered me! :) and so I talked to her a bit and she said that franco has kept like 3 little papers of elders writing their info (facebook, email, etc.) like the 3 elders who he was better friends with ya know? and mine was one of them apparently! :) I thought that was cool. I miss franco! Hes a capo! But yeah thats about it for this last week. Oh and mom did you get that message that yamila sent to you the other day? Oh and I'm in I think mosiah 10 in the book of mormon in case you guys were wondering ;)

Yeah me and my companion get a long pretty good. He doesnt exactly have a ton of desire to be here in the mission and be completely obedient so I try to be an example to him and help him. And it really helps that if I do something then he does it too. So that way we can always be obedient :) Obviously I always have things to improve on but I'm workin on it! Hey whens prom for cass?? Is she excited? Wait john went home..? really? oh man.. :( thats terrible! Elder martinez emails them? He can only email them if he has permission from president. or maybe he thinks he can cause he is in the south.. technically after july 1st when it becomes its own mission and if he stays in that mission he can email them cause they dont live in the boundaries of his mission. But yeah I dunno. I'm glad it went good with jacob leaving. Hope hes doing good! Can you send me his email? I dont have it.. I also hope that jacobs example can encourage austin as well. Elder walker and his comp are in capital doing tramites to make his comp legal and they just called me cause they are with elder harrison and he wanted to talk to me. It was so great to talk to him for a minute :) haha. Well I guess thats it for this week. les amo mucho!

Elder Buxton

p.s.s. we just got an email saying that the weeks of transfers we will get our new comp and have p day on tuesday that week. so i will let you know when that happens. Its not for 4 more weeks.

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