The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, April 29, 2013

It's almost May....

hola familia!
So this week was a good crazy week. There are always ups and downs but as long as we notice the Lords hand in the day or week then thats all that matters. So this last week on I think tuesday we did divisions and I went over to savio with elder walker. It was pretty dang fun! We preached some gospel and we met a couple that are inactive and have been for a long time and they are really cheto (rich) and they own a huge like outlet mall thing almost but smaller and they bought us dinner and some other good stuff and we were talking to them for a while and it was really cool. Then in the morning me and elder walker ate smores that he got in a package a bit ago. They were so very good! Miss those things! We took pics but I will send them another day. On wednesday we had a mini missionary work activity where we just watched a movie at the church. We had some people come. Not many but some and thats really good cause the last one they did before I got here nobody showed up. So we are improving! :) haha. We watched finding faith in christ. haha I think thats what its called in english. I forgot. Then on thursday after weekly planning the zone leaders randomly wanted to do divisions. We werent too excited about that but we did them and elder venegas came here to maschwitz with me for the day. He was here in savio and maschwitz a year ago. It was his first area. So he had some fun seeing some old friends. He has 3 months less than me. Hes in elder jorqueras group. But yeah it went really good and a lot better than I expected. Oh and on saturday we finally got our new phone!! :) We had to travel 2 hours to san fernando to get it but thats okay. We can finally text and we have a lot more credit to call now too. So much nicer! So besides that last week with familia diosque they pretty much told us that they wanted to come to church and see how it was before they decided about getting baptised. They did and they had to leave early so we have a cita with them tomorrow. And we found out on friday that the parents arent married.. gol I was so ticked and sad... they told us in the beginning that they were. So yeah. The parents and the 10 year old came. maira and manuel didnt come.. so only juan the 10 year old can get baptised this sunday... we have been working alot with micaela this week to get her separated basically cause marriage will take a while. We put a date with her for the 5th and she accepted. She already knows that God wants her to get separated, she just needs to follow it. She missed sacrament meeting but was at the rest on sunday. We have a cita with her tomorrow too and we are bringing a recent convert named ana who went through the exact same thing to get baptised. She got separated and then baptised and then her dad got baptised and then her boyfriend too. So we are hoping the exact same thing will happen with micaela. Should be a good lesson. Today is elder arosticas birthday so we are gonna play some soccer so thats good. We also have a dinner with familia cubilla (anas family, and the same family we ate with in some of the pics I have sent home) for his birthday tonight so that should be fun too. Besides that it rained the past couple days and is started to get a bit colder now so it looks like fall is coming. Besides that we have a couple investigators but they arent progressing much right now so we will see. We still need to find more so thats what we are gonna be doing this week. So that was my week in a small nutshell haha I'd be writing for hours if I explained everything.

fuah mom!! congrats on straight A´s!! :) Thats awesome! sos una re capa!! There have been missionaries in our ward? Weird! The people here are really surprised when I tell them Ive had the missionaries in my house like once in my life haha. Yeah I have jacobs email cause he emailed me I dunno what day but just a one line thing giving me his email. I'm glad that austin got a job! Thats really good. I really just hope that he is still thinking about going out. He has until hes 25 to go back out but yeah hmm. Tell her (Cassidee) to email me and tell me how it (prom) was! She looks a little too pretty in the pic mom. Keep your eye out ;) yeah I had an email from trent last week and just printed it out and read it and almost thought it was a joke cause you didnt say anything about it and neither did austin.. haha yeah me and elder walker are freaking out that we are skyping you guys in 2 weeks already.. I swear I just saw and talked to you guys last month..... let me know what time is best for you guys and I will figure things out here. les amo mucho! :)

Elder Buxton

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