The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wonderful Conference Weekend!

Hola familia,
Wow I cant believe conference is over! I was so sad when it finished cause I love conference.. it was so great though and I hope you all enjoyed it like I did! okay so we had transfers today... haha. So elder barakat left and went to palermo (my old area) and I talked to elder whitzitt this morning who is in palermo and so they are now companions haha its so weird and cool. So my new companion is elder jarpa from chile. He has 1 year in the mission this month. He was just barely companions with elder alder but yeah so it should be a good transfer. We will see. So basically this last week was hard to work cause of conference and cause for the month of march we broke the confirmations record!! :) so on friday we went to the temple!!! It was so sick! I love the temple!! Sessions in spanish are so different but cool! and its always so great to have president there waiting for us in the celestial room to give us a big hug and tell us he loves us. It really made me think this last time how it will be to really enter into the celestial kindgdom and have our heavenly father waiting for us to do the same thing. In an uncomprehendable feeling. Cant wait though! So besides that on wednesday we had zone meeting (which we have every month) and it was really good. Something I liked that I learned was that how satan knows that to kill something or to kill us he has to attack at the heart. So he knows our weaknesses as people and as companionships and as a zone and thats where he targets everytime. But with the help of our heavenly father we can make our weaknesses become strengths. Satan works in very mysterious ways and is very smart but we have a father in heaven and a savior who are smarter. But yeah so then after the temple we stopped in liniers to eat and it was sweet cause I got to see antonela! She is doing really good and she called jared and let me talk to him so yeah I enjoyed that. Also this last week we got an old phone from tortuguitas so we have something in the mean time until our real phone comes. Also elder barakat got kinda sick this last week and lost his voice like I did. But he only didnt have it for a couple days is all, not as long as me but he is doing a lot better now. So we have been working more with micaela and we made the plan to try to get her baptised yesterday by telling her to just at least sleep in her moms house every night so that she is living the law of chastity. We had a long talk with her in between sessions on saturday but then it came down to me having to ask her some awkward questions.. cause we needed to know if she was living the law of chastity besides the baby she already had and besides living with her boyfriend. We found out that she wasnt... but she came to both sessions on saturday and was gonna come to both on sunday but didnt come sunday.. We arent sure why but we will find out. With familia diosque they kinda told us that they didnt want to get baptised.. cause they went on vacations and satan worked with them a lot... but the parents came to one of the sessions on saturday. So we will see what we can do with them. We really are just gonna be finding for the next week so wish us luck! hmm what else. Lots happened but its too much to explain. Conference was so great! I love our little greengo room with food and stuff :) its a revelation party ;) haha. but it was me, elder walker, pinkston, arrington, macnab (not my comp in the mtc), and elder stocking our zone leader. The others were in the other stake center. But yeah it was way good and I hope that you all recieved revelation to the questions you had. So yeah my mind is running fast. I dont remember everything I was gonna say but thats okay! haha. So yeah that was a small portion of my week haha. I liked all of conference but a talk I really liked was I dont remember his name but he talked about forgiveness and how heavenly father wants to forgive us. It sounded a lot like president gulbrandsen to me so yeah I liked it alot. But I liked all of them! 

I'm glad you enjoyed conference and had questions mom. yeah send me a couple. I think a guy in our ward is gonna print out some from the priesthood session for us too. we will see. 
Yeah it rained pretty hard one day and we were literally soaked. Every inch of our bodies. It was kinda fun haha but yeah we are okay. Capital got flooded pretty bad! Good thing we werent there. A quote I really like that I dont know if I have shared with you is this "you cant be happy if you dont want to do the things that bring happiness. even if you do those very things." Kind of interesting and had never thought about that before my mission. Also mom that talk by elder bednar I read on saturday was so good!! I loved it! thank you! :) Thats too bad you couldnt go to the temple but at least your going this week so thats good! ¡que disfruten! :) So yeah I finally got your package today so thank you mom! And I got dads too with the backpack! My blister was pretty bad for a few days but its better now so thats good. For a couple days I could barely walk it was so bad.. sounds like ashlees birthday and stuff was fun so thats good. Tell her (Cassidee)to just hang in a little longer and I will be home and always be there for her when she needs a friend or anything. haha your words never bore me mom :) Keep up the good work everyone! I think thats it for this week. les amo a todos muchisimo! :)

Con Amor, Elder Buxton

p.s. I look up to you mom for fasting every sunday so far. Keep it up!!

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