The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Hola familia,
So this week was a pretty good week. First of all the district leaders and zone leaders had a capacitación on tuesday so I went on divisions with elder skeen. Then on wednesday we had a zone meeting and they told us all the things they talked about in the capacitación the day before. We basically changed a lot of things in the mission this week. We changed the way we do companionship study and daily planning a little bit and the whole mission got newer and nicer cell phones that have texting now and so yeah. Its all pretty crazy but these changes have really started to help us. As of right now we have 2 phones until the end of the transfer haha which is really nice. And also I we found out that in the next 9 weeks we will be getting 81 new missionaries in our mission. Right now we have like 94 companionships so basically what they were saying and what we learned in the junior companion capacitación on thursday is that almost all the junior comps will be senior comps real soon. And that theres a lot of old senior comps just cause we have so many missionaries waiting to come in. And so basically in 2 weeks I will probably be training haha. Anything can happen with transfers but about 30 of those missionaries are coming in 2 weeks at the end of the transfer so everything is going to change. I am completely down with training though I don't mind at all cause I already pretty much do most stuff so yeah it'll be fun. Also on wednesday I went on divisions with our zone leader elder larson who actually came to argentina with me but we weren't friends or anything. But it was really good and I seriously learned a lot from him and have started to apply those things to my work and yeah its great. Hes a capo! besides that this last weekend was kinda sad actually. We have been talking to dania a lot lately and she isn't reading or praying and doesnt know if she wants to be baptised because of that. And she just got a boyfriend so she is just really thinking about him.. Also with celso he was all good to go to church on sunday and then we had a more intense discussion saturday night with a member that just showed up that lives there too but isn't active at all and celso kinda was more honest with us and told us that he likes the evangelistas more and stuff and then we went to get him on sunday morning and said he wouldn't come.. So we are gonna be having the drop talk with both of them.. also with erika she wants to come but her dad wont let her so we need to talk to her dad. And katy couldn't come cause of work.. I even talked to her boss but yeah most of them said they will come next sunday so we will see. And we need to find new investigators which we are really gonna do this week. One way we do that is by gathering Israel in every appointment. Meaning inviting everyone around and nearby and in the home to come listen. So yeah we have faith so we are okay! :) But yeah I guess tomorrow here is something thats called carnaval. No its not a carnival (however you spell that in english.. haha) but basically what it is is here in whats called liniers which is just a ton of shops and stores and stuff on the streets for blocks and blocks by the train station (where we work a lot and where jareds shop is) theres going to be a huge just like water/foam/paint/whatever else fight. So I dont think we can even go in tomorrow haha but yeah it sounds like fun if I wasnt a missionary haha but oh well. That was mostly about it for my week. Now lets find out about you guys...

I'm so glad to hear and see that austins doing so good! thats awesome!! :) So stoked for him! and I loved seeing the pictures of him as a missionary! His hair is so short!! haha does cassidee not stay out late on the weekend hanging out mom? dang brother dickson got released? Man.. I want him as my leader when I get back. I miss him. He has definitely made a huge impact on my life and has really helped me get on the mission. I'm very grateful for him and the good example he is even if he does make me take the big uhaul truck back and scare half of orem city hahaha. Yeah yesterday it actually rained pretty bad when we were in the big building with dania and some of her friends that we met yesterday too. And the draining system on the ceiling in there is terrible so the water got in pretty bad. The whole floor was a river and a lake and a lot of the clothes got wet. But I think everything will be fine. Hey question. Did austin leave all his soccer cleats? And no mom I don't have my new debit card. Just my expired one. So yeah I guess that's it for this week. I just read in my companions families emails that sydney bruning died last week. You don't know her I don't think mom. But I know austin and jacob and them do and maybe cassidee. Shes shelby brunings sister who graduated from timp the same year as me and she played soccer. Sydney is her little sister and that was so sad to hear that she committed suicide.. a lot of people know that family so I'm sure part of orem is kinda blowin up right now.. Austin wrote me so I'm gonna write him back and tell him but yeah way sad.. but anyway. espero que todos tengan una buena semana! les amo! :)

Love, Elder Buxton

I will try to write Ashlee back in a sec if my companion isn't finished yet. But I wrote austin back but decided to not tell him about sydney. Not sure why. but yeah your welcome mom. ;) love you!

Oh and I forgot. Happy valentines day!! :) I love you mom and am so grateful for all that you do! We were reminded by our "mission mom" hermana gulbrandsen that this month is the month of love so we need to show our love to our heavenly father and work extra hard this month. Not just us on the mission though. I love all of you and am so grateful for all your support and help.

you can put that part on the blog too. thanks :)

Love you! I would really be nowhere without you mom... your my hero!! :)

(FYI for anyone reading this blog....I am truly hoping that Austin has not found out about Syndey's death. I feel that he doesn't need to hear something so negative while he is so fresh in the MTC so I am hoping that he hasn't found out and am grateful that Cody felt inspired not to tell him. Please don't tell him if you write to him. Thanks...Traci)

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