The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Week...

Hola Familia,
So this last week was a very interesting week. We didnt have much luck in finding new investigators.. we worked hard at the beginning of the week and we pretty much wiped our area. In the sense that we dropped all investigators that arent progressing and we are starting from 0. Its not easy but I'm sure we will find more success this week. On friday I went to savio and did divisions with elder arostica :) best friends forever!! It was a lot of fun. We were supposed to do an interview for someone in their area but she didnt end up getting baptised. Hopefully this weekend though I guess we will see. It was very very hot and humid monday tuesday and wednesday. Then on thursday it got cold and has been cold and cloudy and rainy ever since and today too.. until like wednesday I think. I have a really funny story to tell about divisions with elder arostica that happened on divisions. But I wont explain in much detail for times sake. An hermana paraguaya gave us whats called reviro to try and she gave us a really big plate and we just wanted to try it and we were waiting for her to say like if you dont want anymore dont eat anymore but she didnt and so it was super awkward cause we were already full and didnt want to eat anymore.. so whenever she would go back inside we would throw some to the dog haha and then when elder arostica looked away I put half my plate on his haha and so in the end I ate all the rest of mine and he still had a bunch cause of me so since its a dry food (its like eggs, salt, and flour is all) he put the rest in his pocket by spoonfuls hahaha it was so funny!! That was a fun day! We have so much fun together.. its gonna be sad to get split up in a week.. :( and this week is my last week in maschwitz :( we have dinners and lunch set up quite a bit cause of me leaving and cause its elder goodwins birthday on saturday so it should be a good week. And we have a gira de la mision (mission tour) meeting on wednesday so we will be in san fernando with a general authority which will be cool! Oh and the other day eating dinner at peƱalozas house we ate cow heart. Its super good!! :) besides that we really gotta find new investigators right now.. we dont really have any but we will see what we can do this week. Oh and remember I will email tuesday next week since its the end of the transfer. We will hopefully go to the despedida this sunday if there is one.

Elder arostica is from chile. He goes home with elder goodwin the beginning of 2015 haha. Being DL I learn stuff everyday and learn about loving and serving others. Its great! I'm getting used to it now though. Wow I'm so happy to hear that ashlee is getting better!! :) I prayed very hard for her all week and I fasted for her too. I continue to pray that she will have a quick recovery. I know she will be okay! I havent got to look at the pics yet but I will in just a sec. I'm sure they are just gorgeous!! Yell cass to write me and tell me how it went! I guess thats it for this week. les amo!

Elder Buxton

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