The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy September

Hola Familia,
Wow its weird that its already september.. time flies when your helping others :) So this week was very very crazy and good! First of all us as a district we had 4 baptisms this weekend :) It was great! they were all stretches and miracles but it was awesome. So basically on wednesday we had interviews which went really good. I was worried cause the night before I woke up with an aching body and everything else and was not doing so good. So I got a blessing from elder solum and them and I was able to be okay for interviews. It was really great to be able to talk to president for a while. Hes so awesome!! I love him!! He talked to all of us about our goals. We had to answer him 4 questions. What we want to have accomplished by the end of our mission, in 5 years, in 10 years, and in 20 years. It was really good. After that we went and ate lots of stuff at yamilas for her birthday. I didnt eat too much cause I wasnt feeling so good at that point. So pretty much I got out of bed on thursday at about 4 o clock in the afternoon. I was just hurting everywhere and felt like I had a fever and just everything else. It wasnt fun.. so then we had basically a day to teach facundo the commandments cause saturday would have to be his interview and so we did that and on friday I did divisions with elder solum. Oh and friday morning we moved back to maschwitz. We werent excited about that but its a good thing in many ways so its okay. So with elder solum we went to matheu to do an interview for the hermanas and they had their baptism on saturday. Saturday was just nuts.. We went to go do savios baptisms interview but also we needed the zone leaders to do facundos and we had to get baptismal clothes from another ward since we didnt have any and we wanted to make it back for our asado with flia cubilla. So it was nuts. We came up with a good plan and it all worked out in the end. Elder solum and my comp elder goodwin went and met the zone leaders and did facundos interview and I went and did savios interview and then it was a huge thing about knowing who the legal guardian of the kid was so it was very confusing and I had to talk to president and everything and it was just nuts. And then we went and met matheu in escobar (just pretend that you guys knows all the places I'm saying) and get baptimal clothing and then we went to cubillas.. and this whole time I was deciding what to do about the legal guardian thing cause president said he trusts my judgment so he basically gave all the authority to me to make the decision. It was crazy. We prayed and everything and we decided to wait it out. Sunday came and facundo showed up with his aunt at the end of sacrament meeting and the kid with the issue (osmar) showed up by himself halfway through and so I decided that it was ok for him to get baptised with the grandpas signature that we got the day before. Then during the priesthood meeting elder solum and elder arostica and elder caballero had a lesson with their investigator that also had a baptismal date for yesterday but was too scared and everything and in the end she decided to so right before the baptism I did her interview and we had 3 baptisms :) then we had lunch with peƱaloza and leila and a lesson with another family and dinner with flia huerta and leila again haha and yeah it was a beautiful day :) I'm sure some of that did not make sense to some of you but you just had to be there ;) well now we gotta find new investigators. Thats always been one of my problems.. we baptise faster than we find.. haha. 

Yes it has been warmer lately and its so great! I'm so sick of winter. So glad its almost over! :)  dang I wanted to meet the sanders... miquell tingey had a baby??? what the thing.... thats weird!! thats awesome kyler is a priest! and thats great austin went to sacrament meeting!!! :) sounds like you guys are all keeping busy since school has started. Thats good! Oh and yes mom thanks for the package! :) les amo a todos!

Elder Buxton

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