The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, September 9, 2013

How are you?

Hola Familia,
So this last week was a really long week. I think mainly because of elder solum leaving. We were all waiting for it but not excited for it. Well my mind has kinda gone blank from reading just part of your email mom... um well last week I did divisions with the zone leaders. Elder goodwin was with elder walker in my area and it went pretty good. But the pench in garin is really small for 5 of them to live there. I was greatful to get back to mine cause we actually have a good shower and no cockroaches :) On friday we had lunch at yamilas house and dinner at diosques house for elder solum leaving and it was really good and fun. And I did another baptimal interview for them. I had like 10 seconds to hug elder solum goodbye on friday night cause they came and got him but at that moment it wasnt so hard. But we got back to our pench and planned and stuff and then I called savio and basically me elder arostica and elder caballero were all kinda crying. It was really sad. it wasnt as hard for me though cause I know me and elder solum will hang out in like 4 months :) so thats good. But yeah so familia cubilla and ponce got sealed on saturday!! Me and elder arostica wanted to be there so so bad... we were able to go to the beginning of the reception party thing in the church that night but just for a little bit cause we had to go. On sunday we ate the 4 of us with a family that elder arostica and elder solum activated and baptised their kids. We had an asado :) they are the ones that have all the friends that elder arostica and solum have been baptising so everytime we visit them or I do an interview we always play a little soccer game on their little field. Its fun :) I'll send a pic of the field today if I can. So its weird without elder solum but me and elder arostica are really sad cause at interviews over a week ago president basically told us both individually that we are leaving cause we both have 7 months together in savio.. :( We really dont want to leave.. and we really dont want to have to go through these next 2 weeks of saying goodbye.. its gonna be hard. The members here are so great and we have so many friends here and everyone wants us to say.. haha its kinda funny but its sad. So we will see how that goes. Besides that facundos confirmation went good on sunday so I'm happy about that. Now we just gotta find new investigators. I know we are gonna find some this week! Today we are gonna play soccer with everyone so I'm stoked :) Thats about it. 

Okay umm.. I'm not really sure what to say... :( I hope ashlee is doing okay and that she will get better quickly! I will being praying and fasting for her of course! Why wont she eat though? mom tell me everything that the doctor tells you and stuff! Its kinda nice with just 2 since I'm more organized and its more peaceful but I really miss being with elder arostica.. we really are best friends!! Me and him have been together here in savio longer than either of us have been with anyone else. Its warm right now but on saturday it rained hard and all day long.. its hard when it does that here in provincia cause everything is so muddy. and I mean everything! And then in capital their sewage system is terrible so everything floods. Like cars literally float and stuff. Who did cassidee get asked by? bueno les amo a todos! que sigan fuertes en el evangelio! es la unica manera por la que podemos ser bendecidos y recibir la ayuda que necesitamos diariamente! 
Elder Buxton

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