The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, September 30, 2013

How is the capital?

Hola Familia,
So the first week here in constitucion was pretty good :) right now me and my comp elder cutipa get along pretty good so I'm glad about that! We lived with elder cruz from mexico and elder garret from kaysville who just barely got into the mission field and is being trained with elder cruz. They are way awesome. They are in constitucion 2. We eat lunch together every day and last week until saturday we lived all 4 of us but we just barely on saturday moved to a new pench so now we have a brand new pench so we get to buy a whole bunch of new stuff :) thatll be fun. We lived on the 7th floor of a big building. And the best part is that in our pench we have air conditioning!! Which is amazing cause not many penches in the mish have that and since I will be here for the beginning of the heat I'm gonna need it :) also there are only 2 district leaders in the zone again so now I have half the zone again haha constitucion 1, 2 and boca 1, 2. The zone leaders are in my district too haha so its weird being the oldest elder (in mission time) in my district. So besides that it was really good to start to get to know the ward. We had a very low attendance yesterday in church cause it rained so yeah but it'll get better next week. Also we have part of the villa 21. So we work there quite a bit. We have an investigator there right now. Shes called Isabel and she turns 18 on thursday and will be baptised on saturday after general conference I think it will be. Besides that I can tell that the ward has a lot of motivations and animo to work in the work of salvation so I'm grateful for that and I'm excited to keep getting to know everyone and to work hard :) umm what else what else. I love capital :) and there are a lot of cool places to go and buy things so I should be set to get everything I want before I finish. And I'm super super stoked for general conference this weekend!! :) I cant wait!! It's my last one in the mish so it should be the best yet!! Well I think thats it for now that I can remember. Oh and this morning we had to wake up early to go to tramites in capital for my companion so when I was in the mission office I was able to pick up my package that was there. Thanks mom!! your the best!! :) and I got to hang out with elder brown a little bit and I met an elder hamilton whos from riverton and we hung out the whole train ride and stuff. It was cool. Hes way chill!

Right now we are 4 missionaries in the ward and just yesterday we got a new senior couple missionaries that will be in our ward but he is the new area doctor so we will only see him on sundays but still pretty cool. My companion doesnt speak any english. But yeah sometimes it can be hard to speak and understand here for anyone cause argentina is all about slang and stuff but yeah its sweet! I love the slang :) yeah I heard elder martinez finished finally. And tell yamila I miss her too and the rest of them over there! This change was good though and I needed it so its not as hard as it normally should be to miss everyone back in maschwitz. I'm so glad to hear that ashlee is continuing to get better! :) Keep it up ash! ronnie is working with elder mattingley? Its funny cause he was in this area so people know him and its cool to tell people that he was my companion. I'm very glad austin went to church and that you guys could learn more about member missionary work. We need more enthusiams in that field everywhere in the world. 
I wish you all luck family with things at home and school and work. I pray for you all everyday. Just keep hanging in there! Especially you mom. ha Well I guess thats it for this week. les amo! :)
Elder Buxton

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