The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012

hola familia
so its been an alright week. so first of all I'm trying to send these pictures so I hope it works. I will explain them if can get them to work. but yeah so we bought cascos (helmets) ealier this week so we are on bikes now. but guess what? I baptised juan on friday!! It was way awesome! and its sick that we are baptising weekly too! but yeah juan is so sick. Its was funny so when we went to pick him up for his baptism he was blastin some eminem and I started rapping to it for a sec and so now juan thinks I can sing now too haha but yeah me and him are a lot alike. he didnt come to church yesterday and get confirmed cause some of his family came over at 7 in the morning and they had an asado (argentine barbeque I guess except 10 times bigger, better, and sicker) but yeah so we went to visit him after church and talked for a bit and had cake and coca and yeah hes gonna come this week to get confirmed so thats good. eusebio got confirmed though which was good. also there was quite a bit of songs that I regretted not putting on my mp3 before I left so this last week I had one of the familia cruz girls do it for me and so now I have a lot of songs that I'm allowed to listen to that I wished I put on before so I was happy about that. we also taught this last week a lady named ana and her husband who we've been trying to teach for over a month but haven't been able to get an appointment set. they live in a country which is a freakin rich place where you can only get in if you live there or have someone that lives there come get you. so we did that the other night and its so freakin nice! I really felt like I was home. driving by all the homes without fences or gates in front of them and everything and then their house is way nice too. but they have a son that is studying at the U so they went there and toured the temple and all that so thats how they know about the temple so hopefully things go good with them. yesterday there was a stake leadership meeting or whatever and our president was there so he invited a lot of us missionaries to go and it was about the temple. each of us companionships recieved 4,600 invitations to the temple that we are to give out to people and go put on everyones doors so that everyone gets invited to the open house. so that should be really good. okay so I dont think the pictures are going to work this week but I will send them next week. and one of them you have to show david. the other day juan gave me a jersey that he wanted me to have and its a neymar jersey. tell david that and I will send the picture next week so david can get even more jealous haha. so we have interviews this thursday so hopefully I will finally be able to get one or some of your packages and if I have letters too. so yeah I think that was some of the main things that happened this last week. also that couple came to church again yesterday. claudia and familia silva didnt though.. but hopefully next week. Its also been really really cold this last week. especially at night and in the mornings and we dont have much hot water so that definitely doesn't help. something else cool that these past few weeks when we talk about the holy ghost with investigators I have been able to share the experience when me and cade and austin and us wanted to go to harmons and I had a bad feeling so we turned around remember? It helps to use that story to help people understand a little more how the holy ghost can work. so I'm blessed to have had that experience and be able to share it.

oh also could you look up the talk "you know enough" by neil L andersen from the oct 2008 conference and send it to me next week? that'd be awesome. how did you see I send a letter to jacob? and yeah when you send pictures to me the smaller the better (to an extent obviously) cause the huge ones I cant make smaller so I cant really see the picutre. yeah I'm going to print off cassidees email and read it later and I will reply to georgias email through you in a minute. who was all at his call opening? and how was it? like what did he do for it? wow I hope the eagle project goes great and that he gets it soon! my companions birthday is this saturday and then mine is in 3 weeks so hopefully we will be getting some tortas (cakes) from some members :) I honestly love the cakes and desserts here. so good!! I make a flan actually every week now and eat it with dulce de leche. fuah its so good!! but yeah for laundry we have a guy that works for the mission that does most of the laundry for a lot of the areas. he is supposed to come once a week and pick it up and then brings it back clean and folded the next day but we are farther away so he comes to us about every 3 weeks or so.. but its okay. we pay less so that's good. sweet I'm excited to get tonis package!! wow sounds like bill wise things are kinda ruff. I'm really glad that you are trusting in the lord though cause he wont lead us astray. thats honestly what helps me keep going when I'm scared to get a new companion cause I know that I will have all my companions for a reason. that honestly brings me a ton of comfort. I always pray for you guys so dont worry. just always trust the lord and do what he wants. forgiveness is actually something I was thinking about this morning during my study and theres a scripture about being forgiven that I have marked that helps motivate me here. Its in d&c 88 verse something. I dont remember. I will look it up and send it next week. well I guess thats all then. les amo mucho!!

Love, Elder Buxton

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