The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

hola familia,
so this week was a pretty good week I guess. so remember juan? yeah so we went to his house everyday and called him mutiple times a day for the past 2 weeks but we hadnt been able to find him. thats why I never said anything about him in my letters. but this last week we finished an appointment and didnt know where we were going after that but I just started walking to juans house and I'm not really sure why but we went and we finally found him! we talked to him and he had been working a ton in capitol and everything so yeah we finished teaching him what he needs left for his baptism and talked about his baptism and everything and so we were good to go for yesterday mostly. then he had his interview with elder black on saturday for his baptism but he didnt pass one of the questions cause of a thing about participating in an abortion with his girlfriend. we talked to him about that and well he has  had a pregnant girlfirend but not with his baby and he agreed with the abortion but apparently they broke up a couple of days ago but because he didnt pass that question our mission president, president gulbrandsen, had to come and interview him. so he did and everything went good they said. I was in del viso with elder jorquera during this part with president and stuff but yeah so he was good to go on sunday but then we went to take him to church sunday morning and he wasnt there and we called him and he went to capitol to visit some relatives from peru. really dumb but he should be good for this sunday. gotta love going and looking for investigators every sunday at 7:00 in the morning in the bitter cold... he really is a way awesome kid and hes a lot like me in many ways. but anyway we baptised eusebio yesterday! his son baptised him which is the secretary for a different stake and that went really great. also on sundays the new counselor in the bishopric is the gospel principles teacher but when hes not there or when he has other things to do (which is most of the time) we teach the class. so we teach it about 2 or 3 sundays a month. but we were teaching about the sacrament and about renewing our baptismal covenants every week. and we were teaching eusebio and also claudia (the mom that is having problems getting married but we baptised her kids). It was so so sad to see her run out of the class crying because she isnt able to be baptised right now. she really has such a sincere desire to be baptised but knows she cant right now and so she is kinda struggling with that. we have a family night with her and another family tonight so hopefully we can help her with that. she talked to the counselor of the bishop yesterday after that too so I think she will be okay. also on saturday we had lunch with a less active older couple that we visit about once a week. they have been inactive and havent gone to church in 15 years. by some miracle we got them to come to church yesterday. no idea how but it was great! we also have some other investigators too but they are still in the beginning and not really progressing as of right now but we will see. so yeah thats some of what happened this week. today we are in del viso and gonna hopefuly go play soccer cause they have a church activity cause today is argentinas independence day. our ward never does activities.. its stupid. oh well I guess. oh also you should get a letter I sent to kirsten this week. I dont know her home address so it would be great if you could get that to her. also is there a way to forward me steggells emails? curious to know how hes doing.

yeah my comp is doing better and we still dont have helmets yet but we are gonna go buy them soon. they are freakin expensive.. ha yeah I probably shouldnt have told you the part about the gun. I wont tell you those parts anymore haha but dont worry you know we will be fine. yeah people are really really poor here and will take anything cause they can sell anything here. but yeah oh well we got a new phone for now but its from another area cause they had to close some areas cause we are waiting on 28 missionaries in the states that are waiting for their visas so yeah pretty crazy. wow that so crazy about the fires and everything! and without fireworks that would suck!!! yeah its been really cold here recently and yeah like shawn said you can like feel it more. Its hard to explain. but yeah it kinda stinks. haha yeah of course they won the 3v3. thats way sick! wish I was there to play.. haha well its good to know that maybe theres some people that care about me right? hahaha. thats good austin got accepted to uvu. hows it coming with selling the car? Is my transformer still intact or did austin destroy it yet? does the sub still work? yeah by the pictures sounds like blanding was a lot of fun and I knew cassidee would have a blast! yeah definitely have her email me and tell me how it went and everything. we just gotta remember to always love everything no matter how hard it may seem. but dont worry you do have austin cassidee ashlee matt and me that all love you to death! more than you could ever comprehend. not to mention your heavenly father! yeah my turn in 2 years!! haha. austins hair is so freakin long!! when I saw the pictures I was wondering when I got another sister.. ;) sounds like it will be a fun week this week. good luck! I'm always praying for you guys! I'm really glad you loved that story. I really loved it too. Its a good one. haha thats weird about summer kletmesen too. and its weird to think that your summer and my winter are getting halfway done. finally!! so ready for summer even though all the missionaries here tell me that I dont want summer. Its ridiculously hot and humid but I'm just sick of being sick and stuffed up and cold so I dont really care. I guess thats all for this week. les quiero muchisimo!! Dios les ama mucho tambien!!

Con Amor, Elder Buxton

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