The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012

Querido Familia
Okay so this week was a really kinda bitter sweet week. okay first things first. That forgiveness scripture I was talking about last week is D&C 84:61. Okay so last tuesday we got a call from one of the assistants saying that we needed to call sister gulbrandsen (mission presidents wife) which was kinda weird cause you dont normally get calls like that. So we did and she told us that we were one of the 8 companionships in our whole mission that got chosen to go to the temple one day and help them with whatever to prepare for it to be open to the public in all of august. So we went on wednesday and got up at 4:30 and had trouble getting there a little bit but we got there good. The temple is soooo sick!!!! We were so stoked when we were told we got picked. So we were there all day wednesday with another companionship from our mission. The others do it different days. But yeah so the mtc is literally right next to the temple and we did a bunch of moving furniture and things in and out of the mtc, future temple president and mtc presidents rooms, and the temple. It was so sweet! We met some way cool guys and people. The main people in charge of it are all from the united states and dont speak spanish but all the workers are all Latins. So it was kinda funny having to translate back and forth a couple times for some of them. haha its the sweetest feeling when you get to the point where you dont have to have your companion by your side translating for you most the time. I'm so glad I'm at that point already :) very grateful. but anyway. So we did that and then we ate lunch in the mtc with some latins and some greengos. I met 2 kids from orem that went to orem and they know all the people we know like brandon porres and jared bodine and nicole gowans and hilary the goalkeeper and stuff. So then later at like 5 we finished and we got a tour of the temple. Oh so freakin beautiful. We went in the celestial room and they had just put up the chandeleer (i have no idea how to spell that haha) and they turned the lights on in it. fuah! re maravillosa!!! Then after we took some pictures with the guys we worked with and stuff. About the pictures real quick we were playing futbol with franco and some friends just barely and we went and ate and I didnt grab my camera... so I will have to send some pics next week. Sorry! no se como me la olvidé... pero bueno esta bien. We took collectivos and trains to get back and didnt get back until 9:15. barely in time. It was crazy cause apparently there was a train wreck somewhere and that threw everything off. But we drove through capitol at night in the colectivo which was way tight too. All the lights and stuff are awesome. Then the next day we had interviews. So we got up at 4:30 again and had to be back to capitol at the mission house. So that all went good and I got my packages and letters :) I was happy about that. Thank you for the package!!! Also it was way funny how almost since I got here hermano gutierrez has been asking me about getting rice crispie treats and then on Thursday I got a package from kirsten and her family and guess what was in it? rice krispie treats haha it was awesome to see hermano gutierrezes face light up when I shared with him haha but yeah be sure to tell kirstens family thank you and I love all of them!!! So besides that it has been a struggle with our investigators. juan isnt comfirmed yet cause some stuff happened and didnt come to church but this week for sure we hope. We went to his house on saturday and went and bought milanesa( sooo good) and cooked and ate with him but yeah. And we kinda lost some investigators too which is sad but oh well we are just gonna have to work on finding some more this week. One thing that president is huge on now and so we all are now too is daily contact with all our investigators. So we have to see them all in person everyday cause they are much more likely to progress and come to church if we do that. But with some it can be difficult. So yeah I guess thats it for this last week. oh yeah also it was elder dewsnups birthday on saturday so that was cool. I filmed him opening his birthday package. He got some cool stuff. One thing he got that I forgot to tell you that they dont have here is peanut butter. So that was cool.

Austin- ¡hey che! como anda hermano?! feliz freakin cumpleaños mañana!!! espero que tenga el mejor dia de todo su vida! okay no todo su vida pero bueno. espero que tenga un dia buenisimo y que coma mucha torta (me encanta la torta aca! con todo mi corazon). digame este fin de semana como fue su dia y lo que esta pasando en su vida ahora. desculpe que estoy hablando en usted. ¡¡te amo muchisimo!! tambien quiero que sepa usted que su padre celestial le ama mucho! y el siempre esta ahi para usted cuando le necesita. ¡hasta luego che!

Well I hope austin can read all that haha if not go get David I guess haha. che = dude, in argentina. yeah it was sweet cause I was talking to juan and then his friend a lot about music. Its funny cause I never thought something I could use to relate to people here would be the music I listen to haha. anas house is cheto (rich) like the binghams house. It was way sick. Its still pretty cold here but during the day the past couple days its been pretty warm actually so thats good. Yes I really enjoyed cassidees letter. I wish I had time to respond to it right now. I might even have to just write her a letter to respond to it. I guess we will see. Does she want me to respond back to it? Thats cool and wierd about georgias calling though. oh sweet im glad you got austins eagle project done! thats awesome! Jacob is coming home already? wow that was fast... tell him to rewrite me this week cause I wanna know how he feels about coming home and how things are cause I wont be able to send him a letter fast enough. Austin bought a scooter? wow. where? how much? does the truck and sub still work? Well I guess thats it for this week. les amo mucho!! hasta el proximo lunes!

Elder Buxton

also we heard about the batman experience in the movie theater. Way stupid and way crazy! Its all over the new papers here and it spread way fast down here. Everyone knows about it.

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