The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012

hola familia
So this week was a pretty good one I guess. we did divisions on wednesday so I was with elder jorquera here in tortuguitas which was great. Me and him are way similar and we work hard and we just have fun. Its way awesome. But yeah so we have an investigator named belen. She is about 25 or something. her husband too but he is working all the time so we havent taught him in a long time. But anyway, earlier last week she told us she doesnt like being pressured into going to church and stuff and we pass by every day to get her to come and get her to read and stuff. But she basically kinda got kinda mad about that cause I guess she doesnt like us just showing up. But then last thursday our zone leaders told us all to go out and put a baptimal date for this last Sunday. It was the end of the day and we only had a lesson with belen to end the night so we just decided to put one with her even though she doesnt want to and is mad at us kinda sorta not really. But yeah so we went there and satan really tried everything to stop us. First of all there wasn't a man there so we couldnt go in. So we went down the street and got a member to come and then we started talking and the power went out and she had to go buy candles. And then when we started talking again the grandma (whos way nice and shes the grandma of daniel my first convert but shes way catholic and has a hard time hearing) started going off about her life and stuff so it was really frustrating. but somehow we talked seriously about baptism and we bore testimony and everything. It was so spiritual and powerful and during it she said she knows she needs to be baptized. It was awesome. she has been to church in the past but not recently.But we really brought the spirit and at the end we asked her to pray on her knees to end the lesson. She began to do so but never does it on her knees and she never likes to pray in front of people but she did and in the middle she just started crying and after the prayer we sat there and just let her feel the spirit really strong and she accepted the date for sunday and she felt the spirit way strong. It was an awesome lesson. We did divisions again on Saturday to do her interview and I went to del viso for the day with elder jorquera which was fun. But she passed and stuff but she only wants to do her baptism when her husband can be there. She didnt end up coming to church yesterday but we have a lesson with her tomorrow night to talk about everything so hopefully that goes good. Her husband doesnt have work thursday so we are really going to try and get her baptised on that day but we will see cause shes been kinda maybe the past 2 days. But yeah we ate lunch on Saturday with juan and he got confirmed on sunday so that was really good. I really love him and he really loves me and we are just way tight and I hope to never lose contact with him. He wants to come to the united states in a couple years to visit me. I told him he could stay with me and we would go party and stuff all the time. So if I'm living at home still when he comes I hope thats okay mom ;) so this wednesday we have lunch with familia nieve. We have lunch with them every wednesday but something has come up every wednesday and we havent eaten with them this whole transfer. But this is the last week of the transfer. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you transfers are next monday. but yeah so hopefully we eat with them this week. gabi neive is a recently returned mission and just such a sick kid. I love him! He has helped me out so much and he's the nicest guy ever but yeah they are making me a cake :) for my bday. And also another family is making me a cake on friday and another girl in the ward is making me one too :) so hopefully I'll be eatin lots of cake this week. But yeah hopefully itHll be a good week. here are some pictures finally too. Make sure you show the jersey to david please haha. Maybe next week I will be emailing from a different area and with a different companion. I guess we will see! This week also I'ive been studying a lot about the atonement and repentance and it really has helped me a lot to better understand things and focus on what I need to improve and work on. Also during studys in the mornings its really cold especially this past week and at night too but during studys we have to turn the oven on and open it to warm up the room and keep warm haha but yeah.

yeah the temple was way awesome. Those kids I met were in the mtc here in buenos aires as missionaries. They have been out for like 6 weeks but yeah it was cool. Hey I love peanut butter! I would just rather have something else filling that space in a package haha but you can send me some whenever if you want. I'm glad he understood my thing to him haha sounds like a fun bday I guess. He didnt write me about it but oh well its fine. yeah I dont think jacob wrote me either but tell him to write me for next week. I wanna know how things are going with him being home. The terrys are for sure moving there? yeah I would like to trade the truck in when I get back if it still works and get some more money and then buy a different car and sub. That would be great. I dont know what else we are really going to be involved in with the temple but we will see. We have been putting flyers under peoples gates and passing them out in between appointments that we have but yeah. We have interviews with president every other transfer and zone conference the other every other. So we have something with president every transfer at least. yeah I was just gonna ask you when does tim go to the mtc??? His farwell was yesterday huh? wow so crazy. I guess thats it for this week. les amo a todos mucho!!! Thank everyone for the birthday emails too. I love them all!!

Love, Elder Buxton

also 2 last things. one is like I said I have been styuding repentance and stuff a lot this week and I have realized that I have done a lot of stupid stuff in my life and everything. so it would be awesome if you could tell everyone in my family I am sorry. to you mom, austin, ashlee, cassidee, logan, kyler, megan, mckenna, etc. I just want you all to know how sorry I am for a lot of stupid things I have done and for not being a better example. but yeah I have just been reading a lot about confessing your sins and I have confessed everything to the lord and now I want to say sorry to all of you if I may have hurt or done something to any of you. I'm not the person I was 7 months ago and so yeah I'm sorry. thanks mom!

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