The Guys!

The Guys!
Leaving for the MTC

Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

hola familia,
happy 4th of july! sad I dont get to celebrate it.. :( okay well this has defnitely been the strangest week of my mission. so first of all that scripture I told you last week was wrong. It was actually helaman 12:2-3. It was close though. and also if your sending me pics could you for sure send me some of me steggell and tim from my eagle court of honor and also some from me and steggell in disneyland and also some pics from my date with kirsten to transformers 3 with david and austin and them. okay so this past tuesday my companion got pretty sick after lunch and an appointment we had right after lunch so we went back to the pention and he was in and out of the bathroom the rest of the night and really all night sick throwing up and yeah it was pretty bad. the next day he rested and stuff and so we finally left the pention at like 5:00 the next day I think and we went to an appointment and then at about 7:30 we were on our way to another appointment and we dont have helmets for our bikes right now so we were walking and we were about a block away from the church and we got robbed by 2 kids with a gun... for mom and dads sake (since they are probably the only ones that would even worry too much about me for that haha) I will tell you the details when I return from my mission. I only lost a little bit of money so I was lucky. my comp.. not so much. he lost the cell phone, his watch, a copy of his passport, his temple recommend, his licence card thing to be a minister, and the keys to the church. so recently they changed all the locks on the church cause of that too but yeah it was really stupid and its really hard to have appointments and things when we dont have a cell phone... but we are managing. we should get a new one this week we think. but yeah everything is fine we were really calm about it and yeah we are doing just fine haha. so yeah dont worry about me mom and dad. some other stuff is me and my comp finished the book of mormon on thursday too so we read it in 57 days which was awesome! also when my comp was sick I read a liahona and there was a story in it that I loved that you should look up mom. its called "start moving" by elder von g. kectch, area 70 of salt lake. In the 2011 july liahona. if you can find it that would be sweet.its a good one. so yeah that was pretty much our week. Its been really random with the weather these days. today is really cold and rainy. yesterday it was cloudy and looked way cold but it was way humid and we were outside in shortsleeve shirts. Its really weird. but yeah and so this transfer ends 3 days after my birthday so if I get transferred I will be able to pick up any letters or packages so if anyone is sending me things for my birthday they might want to do it soon so that it is in the mission office when I get there. one thing that our president has been talking about recently that I decided I wanted to share with you guys cause I really love it is he gives us an example of his 2 kids. and they are fighting and so as a parent he tries to get to the bottom of it. like tom why did you throw the shoe at your brother? because he punched me. why did you punch your brother? because he called me a mean name. etc... theres never a bottom to it. but then he tells us that when we get to judgement day and we are before god do we think that he is going to ask us why we punched our brother? no. heavenly father will not ask us why we did something bad to someone else or how others treated us. he will only ask us how we treated others. regardless of how they treated us. I really loved that and he also related it to less active members. I would not want to be in front of god at that day and have him ask me why I didnt go to church ever again and give him a dumb reason like someone accused me of do this when I really didnt do it. god will never ask us what caused us to react the way we did. he has blessed us with agency. the ability to choose for ourselves regardless of how we are treated. that was kind of a summary of it and in my own words too but yeah I really loved that. and I love you sending me talks and articles and stuff. they really are my favorite about my personal study when I get to read them. we also still are teaching Eusebio. I think I told you about him. yeah I did. he is still set to get baptised for the 8th so we will see how that goes this week.

yeah you guys are lucky you get to barbecue and all that. eat lots for me I guess! man I miss the 3v3 tournament.... hmm thats weird about my emails last week but at least they came. who all reads your blog that you post my stuff? haha just curious. dang he didnt end up going? dang thats too bad.. did cassidee like the trek? yeah I hope you guys can really get his eagle done. that would be sweet! oh dang. hopefully he gets accepted real soon. Is he planning on trying out for the UVU team? who has he been hangin out with recently? do cade and trent come over much? yeah I got that email that said that from dad from shawns email. but we havnet heard anything about us getting to do anything so I dont know if its true or not. I guess we will find out. and yes please I would love to read brents and shawns emails. I did last week and I love seeing how their doing. so send me those if you can. oh yeah georgias bday is in september huh? I was thinking november. wow thats crazy!! when he gets his call tell him to email me!! and thats way weird about richie and the people getting married haha. yeah I havent gotten anything for a while cause we havent been anywhere to get them. we should have interviews with president either this week or in the next couple weeks so my stuff should be there for that. wow efy will be awesome for cassidee! she will absolutely love it!!! I guarantee she will cry when she has to leave. that stinks she will miss the 4th and the reunion but at least she isnt missing everything like me! haha I remember I missed the 4th one year cause I was in new york at efy but we kinda did something for it so it was still cool and I was with brent so that made everything even better haha. I really miss him and steggell and shawn. I hope you enjoy your vacation and get time to relax and everything like you need and definitely deserve. thank you for the article. I'm excited to read it! los quiero muchisimo!!!! que tengan una buena semana!!

Love Elder Buxton

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